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  1. thats great, so now it shows issued. im at the point that ill trully belive it when its in my hands lol. but this issued seems legit lol
  2. hey guys, my interview was sept 4th. it went great. the interview lasted about 10 min. i had a nice polite consul lady. hang in there guys. your almost done!
  3. after the interview we can track our visa? where at ?lol congrats
  4. wait, what documents are you guys sending to embassy in rio de janeiro?
  5. hey guys. good luck on your interview. i know some of you is this week. keep us updated on how it went. good luck!
  6. hey guys, so there no new change for the interview? mine is for the 4th too. i called them too and they told me that nothing was showing up.
  7. yes. i am! thank you. good luck
  8. https://photos.state.gov/libraries/brazil/571295/pdfs/Instr%20_amp_%20Carta%20Entrev%20Noiva%20K1K2-%20Port%20Oct13.pdf is this packet 3? yep i did. im calling rio casv tommorow. thank you so much
  9. oh okay. i didnt get anything yet.
  10. when do we get this packet 3? it comes in whose email? i just went to the doctors a few days ago.
  11. he has a daughter but she gets filed under his parents taxes. so he files single. does he need to get his parents information too?
  12. he makes enought. its just we will be living at his parents house so he thinks they might ask about his parents situation. so he wants to include the who household.