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Immigration Timeline & Photos

  1. when you fill out the ds160 theres an option on there to pick up the visa or have it mailed. when you go for a k1 interview can you choose to pick up your passport or its automacially mailed to you? thanks for you time
  2. Hey sorry to bother but how do you read this? Does this means it’s moving a little faster ?
  3. What date do we put on the timeline? The received date or the day we get it? Yes let’s be optimistic and hope they take the same amount of time as they did last year.
  4. Oh wow! Hopefully your fiancé is there by then. Good luck. Let’s stay optimistic
  5. Lol I’m hoping into being with mine in September. Us both are very optimistic 😃
  6. but the wait doesnt start until de NOA1?
  7. maybe thats why you didnt get the email. i think we should join the january fillers lol good luck
  8. maybe you´ll get the same email.
  9. So this mean my case was transferred? So this mean my case was transferred?
  10. I received an email. It says my case was directed to California. It says (Within 7-10 days by standard mail you will receive your official Receipt Notice with your Receipt Number) This confirmation provides notification of the date USCIS received your case. This notice does NOT grant any immigration status or benefit. You MAY NOT present this notice as evidence that you have been granted any immigration status or benefit. Further, this notice does NOT constitute evidence that your case remains pending with USCIS. The current status of your case must be verified with USCIS. So this is or isnt my NOA1?
  11. I’m still waiting too. I sent mine on the 26th. Can you send me the link for the January filers?
  12. yes thats true. lets hope they dont take so long lol
  13. Hey. Where did you find the decline numbers for the embassies?
  14. Yes but will I need to add on more conversation between him and I? More FaceTime as well ?