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  1. Thank you all for your help and suggestions. She just spoke to the panel physician again, and they said what many of you had been telling me: if they can't give her the vaccine, no big deal, they just say it is unavailable. It sounds a little like my speculation was correct. Maybe the first person she spoke to at the panel physician's office really was a temp on their first day. 😄 Thank you all again. You have been very helpful.
  2. I'm not sure. I'll have to ask her. But that seems like the sort of place that would have it. Thank you for the suggestion.
  3. Obviously we'd rather save ourselves the hassle and not go searching for it. It's just that the panel physician didn't really state it that way. Maybe it was a temp on her first day. 😄 This leads me to another question. If a bureaucratic procedure says that someone (say, a doctor) can do something to help you but does not say that they must, will they do it? I guess we'll have to rely on the fair mindedness and good judgement of this particular doctor in Moscow to find out. 🤔 Thanks for your response.
  4. Thank you for your response. I think I might not have been clear earlier. She is calling around to all of the clinics and hospitals in her city because the panel physician in Moscow said that they do not have the vaccine. And all of them are telling her that they don't have it either. And she's definitely using the Russian term for it. 😄 Anyway, she has no memory of having it, and her mother isn't sure. We thought it would be a bad idea to tell the doctor that she doesn't know if she ever had it, and it would be a worse idea to lie, so that is why she is scrambling to find this vaccine. I was just reading the CDC guidance on the issue. It seems to be saying that if the panel physician doesn't have the vaccine then they should either be directing people to where they can find it or marking on their forms that the vaccine is unavailable. This particular physician's office is doing neither. They are simply telling her that they don't have the vaccine but that she must either wait for them to get it (though they don't say when they will have it), or she must get it somewhere else before she comes in for her examination. Shorter version: They say she needs it. They don't have it. They don't know when they will have it again. Because of that, they say she needs to get it somewhere else before they can complete her examination. They can't/won't say where/when she can get it. Every clinic in her city doesn't have it, and can't/won't say where/when she can get it. Quite the pickle.
  5. Thank you for the link. We checked it out earlier, as well as the USCIS policies on waivers based on non-availability. The problem (if I read this right) is that these guidelines seem to suggest that these exemptions are only granted if the CDC (or maybe the official clinic in Moscow?) has determined that these vaccines are not available. The problem in our case is that nobody seems to have made any official determination that the vaccine is not available, it's just....not available. My fear is that, Russia being such a large country, they will tell her that some clinic in Siberia has plenty of chicken pox vaccines, so she is not exempted.
  6. I understand. Thank you for sharing your experience. You've been very helpful.
  7. She is not exempted based on age for this particular vaccine, sadly. I suppose the doctor could theoretically see that the vaccine was unavailable in the country and exempt her from it, but we don't want to be in the position where we have to rely on someone being reasonable. I mentioned AOS because those applying for K visas apparently don't need to have all of the vaccinations before coming to the US, they just need them before they do their AOS. Since IR-1/CR-1 applicants don't have an AOS step, it would seem that they do not have the option of getting vaccinated after entering the US and must therefore get them before coming here.
  8. It's crazy. How does a country run out of varicella vaccines? Since there is no AOS for IR-1/CR-1 visas, I guess the option doesn't exist to just get them here in the US, right? Or do I understand it incorrectly? Anyway, thank you all for your help.
  9. I can't personally vouch that she is asking for the right thing, since she is over there doing it by herself. But it does seem odd that nobody in a city of a million people would have this vaccine. I've always suspected a conspiracy of the world against me. This might be the smoking gun! 😄
  10. The CDC guidance which is frequently referenced here says this: "If you lack any vaccinations required for your age category , the civil surgeon will administer the vaccines as needed. " Which confuses the matter more, to me. Is that allowed? If so, is it required for the doctor to do it, or is it at their discretion?
  11. I'll have her talk to her mother about whether or not she had chicken pox, though my wife doesn't have any knowledge of having had it. She says she has called every hospital and clinic in the city, and none of them have varicella. It sounds crazy to me, but they are saying to her that maybe they will have it in a few months (which sounds a lot like telling her to f--- off). Some options we have considered: - Traveling to another country to get it. - Waiting "a few months" and hoping they will get it. - Some of her friends are going to Europe and will try to buy it there and take it back to Russia for her. None of these seem like very good options.
  12. I don't believe she has. I take it they do some sort of blood antibody test to confirm, so it is best not to guess?
  13. Hello, all. My wife is only waiting on one thing before she can schedule her interview in Moscow: a varicella vaccination. If we understand correctly, she needs it even though she is 34 years old, and she is not allowed to get it during her medical exam immediately prior to her interview. Much to our dismay, we can't seem to find it anywhere in the city where she lives (Kazan, a city of a million people, if that matters). Does anyone know of any good strategies for getting a vaccination that is hard to find?
  14. Thank you for your response as well. I cannot be there with her, but I can provide her document support. The plot thickens even further: Another list on the State Department's website from a real official source (the US embassy in Moscow) is completely different from the other list on the website, as well as the list from VisaJourney. I know I'm not the first person to make this observation, but it's just so bizarre that it works this way.
  15. Thanks for the quick response. How crazy. I noted you specifically from a thread from three years ago, and here you are. Yes, I had noticed that. I had more confusion about the documents that are listed as part of the VisaJourney I-130 guide. The list of documents to bring to the interview doesn't specify if they belong to the applicant or the petitioner. To me it reads like it weakly implies it is only the applicant's documents, but I can't tell. "Interview Forms / Items: 1. Valid Passport. 2. Original or certified "long" birth certificate. * 3. Original adoption decree. (if applicable) 4. Original or certified copy of the marriage certificate. (if applicable) 5. Original death certificate. (if applicable) 6. Original divorce decree. (if applicable) 7. Police certificate. ** 8. Court record(s) (if applicable). 9. I-864 Affidavit of Support Form along with past 3 year U.S tax returns (or transcripts) and any other financial documents required. (see poverty limits here) 10. Court and prison records.(if applicable) 11. Medical examination information 12. Two passport-type photos (see specification) of the spouse or benefitiary" http://www.visajourney.com/content/i130guide1 Did you happen to see my edit? I got off the phone with NVC just minutes after submitting the thread. I don't really know what to make of it. Anyway, I appreciate your help.