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  1. I found this on USCIS website. If you are age 65 or older and have been a permanent resident for at least 20 years at the time of filing for naturalization, you will be given special consideration regarding the civics requirement. As I said ...she is 65 years old already but she has not been permanent resident for 20 years. She has been resident of USA only for last 5 years. Does she still qualify for special consideration ? And I have the same question about the other exception...it says Age 50 or older at the time of filing for naturalization and have lived as a permanent resident (green card holder) in the United States for 20 years (commonly referred to as the “50/20” exception). OR Age 55 or older at the time of filing for naturalization and have lived as a permanent resident in the United States for 15 years (commonly referred to as the “55/15” exception). So just clarifying ...both condition ..age and duration of being green card holder has to meet in order to qualify for exception correct?
  2. Having health insurance from government marketplace is good enough for proof of 3 months residency in that district?
  3. If somehow an applicant can not prove she can not prove she was resident of a particular district for at least 90 days before filing... because she does not know what kind of proof is required or she can not have sufficient documents required .. what are the consequences? will she deported or she needs to file a new application? And who and when ask an applicant to prove her 90 days residency ? applicant has to submit document with the application or at the time of interview or??
  4. This is what I found on USCIS website A. Three-Month Residency Requirement (in State or Service District) The applicant must have resided in that location for at least three months prior to filing. I am helping a family member citizenship. Her 5 years anniversary date is Dec. 7 2018. So to my understanding she can file 90 days before Dec. 7 2018. (which I assume should be around sept. 7 2018) But since she has recently moved she needs to prove that she was resident for at least 90 days from where she intends to file her application (her new resident) So my understanding is ..if she wants to file 90 days early for example sept 7 2018 ..she needs to prove that she was a resident of that new district from June 7 2018 correct? Also, I have asked before but I am still confused apart from utility bill, state ID or rental agreement what else can be sufficient enough to prove 3 months residency requirement ? and when does she needs to prove this 3 months residency?
  5. can not give utility bill ...but bank account with address is good enough?
  6. So bank account is good enough?
  7. We did file online AR11 - change of address and I believe we received an email confirmation with COA but somehow I cant find it.. neither I can find pdf file I think I saved. Do we really need AR11 or it is just for their records? AR11 can serve as a proof of 3 months residency in a particular district before we can file from that district?
  8. What kind of proof is required or acceptable by USCIS to prove that he/she was a resident of that particular district for 3 months prior to application of N400? And do we submit that proof along with N400 application?
  9. We are going to file in 1st week of Sept. 2018 and after online filing and choose Mt. Laurel in NJ (or Neward NJ) as USCIS center 1. How long will it take to get actual bio-metrics appointment (not just date but when will be actual physical biometrics at USCIS center?) 2. After biometrics is done how long does it take to get interview date (just a date via mail..not actual interview) 3. After biometrics is completed at center ..how long does it take to get interview?
  10. Post office acknowledgement of change of address will not work?
  11. After filing once she get biometric done ...can we change place of residence from NJ to WA? so actual interview can be taken in Seattle office?
  12. Family member is going to file N400 Her 5 year anniversary date is Dec. 7 2018 so she can file as early as 09/08/2018 But am confused about from where she can file... Currently she is Seattle WA but she might move to New jersey in or around sept. 2018 and she might be in NJ when she file N400 so she needs to prove that she was residing in NJ for at the time of filing? what type of documents does she need to prove that?
  13. A family member is applying for N400 . 5 year anniversary is on Dec 07 2018. as per early filing rule, earliest accepted filing date is 09/08/2013 I have checked time line on Seattle filers ..usually after filing they get bio appo. in about a month. My question is if we file around that early filing date ...will she get biometric date in Seattle in about a month from filing date(or their receipt date) or they give bio appointment only after her actual 5 year anniversary date which is 12/07/2018 ?
  14. A family member, will finish 5 years this Dec. 2018 after being conditional resident since Dec. 12 2013. She got green card based on family visa category. And yes she has not gone out of country for more than 6 months so she has met the requirement of 30 months continuance residence in last 5 years. Now I understand that she can apply within 90 days of 5 year anniversary of being permanent resident. But my question is after attending biometrics appointment can she go out of country until her interview? Also, if goes out of country and interview date is not within 6 months of biometrics appointment can she stay out of country for more than 6 months without breaking rule of continuous residence? And it says person needs to be resident of a particular state from which they apply...this rule only applies for application? Also, to remove conditions on residency one needs to be in USA for at least 30 months in 5 years so this condition is already met when we file.. after filing application ..this 30 months out of 5 years does not apply?