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  1. Can any body provide some input on whih tax credits are considered public assistance? For example, is the education tax credit considered a public assistance that needs to be disclosed in the AOS application?
  2. We amended our tax return after we filed AOS application. There was a mistake on one of the tax credits, TurboTax indicated that we eligible but we realized it is not a bit late. We fixed that and amended the return. Should we bring the amended return with us to the interview? would there be any issues at the interview?
  3. Do you know why she asked about prior visits or prior visas? That is a bit weird.
  4. Was your I-693 expired? It should be valid for 1 year. Did they ask for your I-130 from NVC?
  5. You should mention the lawyer’s office so others can avoid him/her.
  6. So they mailed the notice on 07/19?
  7. When did your online status change?
  8. Hello friends, need some insight. We have our AOS interview next month, we are out of town and our scheduled time to fly back is after the scheduled interview date. I do not like usually to reschedule appointments with USCIS at all, but this time it is really expensive to change our tickets. What are the steps of rescheduling if I do so. I personally knew few people who scheduled successfuly, but also heard some horror stories here. So Id like to get some insight here then carefully decide whether to reschedule or take the hefty loss and change tickets.
  9. Hi guys, our interview is on 08/20. My wife will be out of town at that time. Can we reschedule the interview citing financial loss if we change the ticket now? Its international flight and damn expensive now to change it. Please help.
  10. What happened to ur case? Interesting scenario
  11. But at least you guys got your eads?
  12. nice. My status changed to case is ready to be scheduled. How long it will take to change to interview scheduled based on your experience?