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  1. If you call, they tell you they are working on July 7th, 2017. And NOT to call until between 81/2 months and 11 months, which puts you and I in August-September. When I ask why Novembers and many Octobers are being approved, they tell me cases are different. I am not sure what that means at all, because I have seen Novembers approvals inquiring about Sponsors; Not even financially stable, but approved. Go figure!
  2. Jeanne, Thanks a bunch. Issues is I am leaving to Morocco in just few weeks. Not sure if I ll be able to do anything from there, where I will be until September.
  3. I am sorry. I can t remove the post. I truly and honestly apologize.
  4. I received the official cancellation in November both on paper and in an email.
  5. I am so sorry and what makes matters worse hose who rub it in my face that they were approved within 4 and 5 months
  6. To make light of the situation and to find some support, I write this quick note to vent; I do understand that cases are different, but the difference between Applicant A and Applicant B should not be months. Besides, my personal case, is straight forward with no need for 2 nor 3 months longer than anyone else. By the way, I am an October 3rd Potomac, and quite frankly feel singled out for some reason or another. Please share your thoughts, words of wisdom and of course support. And please do not preach nonsense, if you were approved within two months and feel no pain here. We all want to be with our loved ones and making light of anyone s pain and suffering is not nice, simply put.
  7. Thank you. The thing that hurts is seeing November and even December approvals. I understand that cases are different, but I am no different than anyone else, case wise. My documents are all straight forward with a great career and more than enough money to support 10 people.
  8. Deanna, Why would you write such thing? I have just looked at your timeline and it shows your NOA1 is October 5, 2017. Besides, you are not waiting for NOA2. Why would you even answer me? Are you being sarcastic? Making light of my wait here? I do not appreciate it at all.
  9. Oct 3rd here. People are at NVC now and November are being approved.
  10. This has become embarrassing, but any October Filers sill waiting for NOA2, especially Potomac? Thank you
  11. You are right and may you have a smooth journey
  12. Are you at NVC now? maybe you go smoothly there and make up the lost time.
  13. Can you think of a reason why?
  14. I am Oct 3rd CR1 and 2 people from February 2018 have been approved. The USCIS emailed me: "We ask that you allow additional time for this process to take place since we process these cases in the order received. " In the order received??? My question: is it possible that the Officers who are Humans with Political views, feelings, gender, nationality affiliations etc....could approve some applications before others??? Honestly, I am trying my hardest to come up with an explanation. True every case is different, but 3 and 5 months difference between Application A and Application B s approvals is a bit extensive.