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  1. Has it always been showing as invalid? It might just be an error in the system, you have your NOA1 as a proof that USCIS is working on your case. The VJ timelines are quite accurate, just have patience and it will be there soon!
  2. Hey dear, I went to a regular photo studio to have the pics taken. I brought the instructions from Packet3 with me and gave them to the photographer. She had never taken American passport style photos before, but she simply followed all the measurements specified in the list and it worked just fine. Also keep in mind that there is a photo booth inside the Consulate, just in case. I brought the original birth certificate of my fiancé and a copy. They only kept the copy, but I couldn’t say if that’s always the case.
  3. Italy Vaccinations for K1 Visa

    Yes, ASL does not exist anymore in Lombardia, it's been replaced by ATS. That's the agency you will need to refer to. Has your fiancé called every single Centro Vaccinale in Milan? I would try to schedule directly with each office, instead than calling the general ATS number. The only alternative would be to have them done privately, but I'm not sure if it would be cheaper than waiting to have them done at the medical visit. What are the missing vaccinations of your fiancé? Most likely, he will not have to do all the ones that are listed. Applicants between 18-64 are generally required to have Td/Tdap, Measles/Mumps/Rubella, Varicella and Influenza, which is optional. He can try to call the Istituto Varelli, which is the clinic that performs the medical evaluation in Naples, and ask them what vaccinations he will be needing according to his age and medical history. I had all my missing vaccinations done in one time.
  4. There was a lot of confusion surrounding the DS160/DS260 for me too. I am a K1 beneficiary, and when I had to collect all my Packet3 documents I knew I needed the DS160, but the website of the embassy where I interviewed (Naples, Italy) kept mentioning the DS260 here and there. It made me panic quite a bit, because I had already completed the DS160. I emailed them and I had the confirmation that I needed the DS160. The Italian website has just recently been updated, and it now clearly states that Immigrant Visas need the DS260, while Nonimmigrant Visas (like the K1) need the DS160. This doesn't change from embassy to embassy, it is the rule and they most likely made a mistake in the email they sent you. I guess the confusion is generated by the fact that the K1 and the CR-1 are similar types of Visas, except the K1 allows a 90-day nonimmigrant window to get married and to adjust your status to immigrant. On the day of my interview, I was welcomed at a front desk where all my documents were checked to see if anything was missing before meeting the consul. The two ladies who collected my documents asked for the DS260. I immediately had the feeling they were just confused and I said that I completed the DS160 because I was being interviewed for the K1. They apologized and said it was their mistake. Following the official instructions is the only way to do this right. Do not file for a DS160, just make sure you reply to the email and inform your embassy that you complied with their guidelines.
  5. When my fiancé petitioned for my K1, I was not working at that moment, and it didn't cause any setbacks. USCIS doesn't take into consideration whether you are employed or not in your country, the only financial assets that will matter are your petitioner's ones, which will have to be shown during the interview.
  6. You leave it blank (N/A). Report all your previous work experiences
  7. No, you will not need to include the g-325a form in your i-129f packet
  8. Visa refused

    I'm sorry to hear that. You should have followed the instructions thoroughly, as they say that a joint sponsor's W2 is required as well. The fact that your our co-sponsor lost it is not good enough, people lose documents all the time and she could have requested a new one, given that it was needed and specifically requested.
  9. Affidavit of support

    Your fiancé(e) will need to file for the Affidavit of Support form I-134 and he/she needs to meet the requirements specified in the income guidelines. He/she must show that his/her household income is equal to or higher than 125% of the U.S. poverty level. Check them here: https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p In case the petitioner doesn't meet the requirements, the beneficiary will need a joint sponsor. Check everything on the website. They already posted a link for you. Good luck!
  10. Ops, somehow the thread showed 0 answers but when I posted mine I saw it had already been answered and discussed. My bad
  11. File for an Advanced Parole. It will take a few months before you can leave the US.
  12. I'm trying to download the instructions in italian for the K1 visa from the link you posted, but it gives me an error. Is it only my computer or everyone is experiencing that? Couldn't say, have you tried a different browser? I'm on my phone at the moment so I can't verify. Anyway, the Consulate generally attaches Packet3 in the email they send to to the petitioner after receiving the case from NVC. OR They send it to petitioners/beneficiaries who request it by email in case they didn't receive it. I was just recently messaged by a K1 Petitioner going through Naples, who was worried for not getting any email. I suggested to write to the Consulate, who immediately sent it to her. You will get it anyway, don't worry Just wait for them to receive your petition and then see what happens.
  13. For anyone who's lured by the title of this thread, here's a very useful link from the US Embassy in Italy website, which was updated very recently and answers all the questions that came up above: https://it.usembassy.gov/it/visti/iv/k1/
  14. How old are you, Erika? Most definitely you won't need to get the shot for antipneumococco. Have a look at this .pdf file I posted in my previous comment, so you can save money, those IGG tests get pretty expensive. You are exempt from the antipneumococco vaccine if you're between 7 and 64 years old. Thank you! You are so sweet. It's my pleasure <3
  15. Hey Elisa! Nice to meet you, and congrats on sending your application! As for your questions: That's fantastic, I mean, if that's the word from the Consulate, you should definitely take it. Just be sure not to request them too soon. The Ministero della Giustizia website states that the Italian police certificates have a validity of 6 months: CASELLARIO GIUDIZIALE (you will have to request il certificato generale, you will have it specified in the instructions of Packet3): https://www.giustizia.it/giustizia/it/mg_3_3_2.page?tab=d CARICHI PENDENTI: https://www.giustizia.it/giustizia/it/mg_3_3_3.page?tab=d I'm not sure about the validity of the Certificato di Nascita. Remember to have your fiancé send a copy of his birth certificate too. Not a copy, an original or an authenticated version. In my city bureaucracy is pretty slow too, but I was able to obtain them in 1 day, by going to the Tribunale. No, documents in English or Italian are accepted. Translations are needed for any other language. This is specified in Packet3 too. It was never requested in Packet3, and I did not have to provide it. Have a look at the .pdf document from Packet3 I uploaded down below. It will tell you what vaccines you need according to your age. It's a 2016 file, but Influenza is not mandatory anymore, so you won't have to get it. For Varicella, ask your medico di base if he can release a certificate for you. I had to take a vaccination for it because I never got it, but I remember someone mentioning something about it There will be a copy of the Affidavit of Support I.134 form in Packet3, but your fiancé could also print it from the travelstategov website and send it a completed and signed copy for you. Yes, it's always better to present the original documents. There are services dedicated to the evaluation of foreign degrees. I was able to google some and have a look, but I still haven't submitted my degrees. I will update you when I have news about it. You're welcome! Vaccinations Table Updated 2016.pdf