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  1. Ok thanks so much to everyone that replied and took their time to read this! Thanks so much! Let's cross our fingers..
  2. Thank you! I'm just worried because I had another child while being legally married that they will make it a big deal.
  3. Hi just wondering if you ever got any help regarding your case? I hope everything went well... my case is similar.
  4. Hello, let me start off my very long story, I married my ex husband on Aug, 2009, and applied for residency in 2011, got approved in 2012 for my 10 year green card, we already had 1 son, and had another in 2013, we separated in 2014 NOT legally, I finally filed for divorce in 2015. We do not have lawyers and I haven't finished the process of my divorce. I now live with another partner and had his child this year 2017. I no longer work, but did when my ex husband left. would any of these events affect my application? should I wait until my divorce is finalized? can anyone show me a link to applying with divorce? TIA!!