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  1. I know... i told her we would like her to use the current form and correct any mistakes and I really hope she will do that. This does get me a little worried about how well the cover letter will be written. The dead line is in 3 weeks and it sill hasn’t been sent out, its been 2 months since we received the RFE.
  2. We spoke to pur attourney again today, she wasn’t even planning on filling out a new I-864 because she said it was “the correct one at the time” theres a newer edition from 03/06/2018 and the one she filed was from 2015 I believe... i also let her know that he makes more money now than before so filling out a new one will only help out as the annual income will be way more. She also messed up on my nationality in the I-864 saying USA on there... she said thats not an issue as they didn’t say anything about that.. we are running out of time as the deadline is getting very close and we don’t know what to do
  3. We will definitely do that. We will make sure our attourney sends the current edition in the form as well... she did assure as that sending an otdated form was not the issue, but I feel like it might have something to do with it too.
  4. We did look into it, however we don’t really have any assets that we can use in this case. We have a car, but I’m not sure if that counts. He is the only one making money in our household, as I’m not allowed to work so we really don’t have enough money for expensive assets or big savings.
  5. I am sorry if i caused any confusion I’m actually in the US adjusting status. Not having a joint sponsor is really frustrating and makes you feel very helpless. Fingers crossed for everyone in our situation and I’m hoping it all goes well.
  6. Yes I am in the US, adjusting status. I am sorry if I posted in the wrong thread, I thought this was the AoS one.
  7. Thats great to hear!!! We will definitely include all pay stubs and employment letter. I hope it all goes well!
  8. Our attorney said she will do her best to convince them in the cover letter, we really really hope they will read it and acknowledge it. Thank you so much for your responses!
  9. Oh man that really sucks... we will send our response and hopefully it’ll go well. That stuff really scares me. Waiting for that long without a status would be so terrible.
  10. On the I-864 our attourney calculated $23,800. Our package was sent around 4 months ago so he’s made more since then and received a raise. The RFE mentions: letter from employer, tax transcripts, assets, joint sponsor.
  11. Yes thats whats on the tax return because he’d only worked for 6 months at the time of filing. We did however include 4 months of paystubs from 2018 and will be including all of the pay stubs he’s received since filing in our response to the RFE. The amount was added up in the I-864, tax retuns + pay stubs. We wouldn’t mind asking anyone to be out joint sponsor, the thing is we don’t have many people in our lives so theres no one to ask really. My family makes money and sends money from my home country to help us out, but unfortunately I can’t use that in this case...
  12. She assured me that shechecked the edition dates and said that it must’ve expired in the process. I will give USCIS a call, hopefully what we have now is all we need, as he makes well over the guidelines (around $6000 over) they have posted on their website.
  13. Thank you so much for your responses. Hopefully it’ll all be good. He works night shifts at his job so a second job in the daytime leaves him with almost no time for rest. Its killing me that he has to work so hard and all I can do is sit at home.