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  1. POE in dublin airport

    cool, all very good to know thanks for all the info!! I guess I read somewhere that when you're immigrating they need to scan your bags when you're going through customs/immigration so i thought maybe i'd have to collect my bags in dublin first so they could do that
  2. POE in dublin airport

    very cool I'm assuming you maybe flew from England to Dublin and then Dublin to the US? if so, did you collect your bags in Dublin airport and then re-check them in after preclearance in Dublin? or did your bags just go all the way through from England to the US?
  3. thanks for all the answers guys! I am going buy some temporary insurance like you guys have suggested, just to cover all bases Our wedding is all booked and planned for july 14th so after that I will get put on my Husband's insurance
  4. that's so helpful, thank you I'm going to look into it now!!
  5. thanks for the info it is such a grey area! i'm just trying to do the right thing in terms of insurance for the first month but it doesn't seem so easy now lol
  6. Yes, I am aware of that thank you. what do you mean by waiting a year or so to get back? Are you implying that AP is taking at least a year to be approved?
  7. POE in dublin airport

    If they ask who you're visiting, be honest and tell them you're going to see your fiance. Always tell the truth but don't give any more information than required
  8. hey guys I'm moving to the US on my K1 visa in June and I'm just starting to look into health care options for when I'm living there. My fiance works for a small company and they don't provide a healthcare plan for him, he just pays his own each month. So after we're married in July, I'll probably just try and get added on to his plan for the first few months until I start working. However, I have a month in the US between moving and then actually getting married...during this time has anyone ever bought just regular tourist travel insurance to cover them for the first month they're in the US before they get a proper US healthcare plan?
  9. POE in dublin airport

    yes it was while my K1 was pending I did pre-clearance at dublin, it was absolutely fine!
  10. POE in dublin airport

    was this pre-clearance on your K1 visa? or just a regular trip out there?
  11. POE in dublin airport

    Ah okay, I see. fortunately, I already have an SSN so it won't be an issue for that but I understand now how it could be an issue for filing AOS. Hopefully that doesn't happen to me :/
  12. POE in dublin airport

    I'm not sure if I follow. Why would it need to be corrected?
  13. POE in dublin airport

    wow a free suitcase and a free meal...lucky!! my fiance didn't even get 1 free suitcase and had to pack everything into his carry-on bag for a week lol!
  14. POE in dublin airport

    I have booked my flight. My fiance flew icelandair for the first time last week and they were okay-ish. No free meals on the plane which sucks lol. Also, for my flight in June the icelandair flight was working out about £90 cheaper than the Aer Lingus flight but I'm taking 3 suitcases with me and it costs £66 per suitcase for icelandair and only £32 per suitcase for Aer Lingus. So if you want extra bags and food on the plane with icelandair it all adds up eventually