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    We met Summer 2013 at a summer camp in Pennsylvania and have been together ever since :) Lorna is from Scotland in the Uk and Alex is from Philadelphia, PA.

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  1. Hey everyone! just over a week ago my mum was diagnosed with cancer and I immediately went to the visa centre in Philly for an emergency appointment and the officer requested to expedite my AP. We just received a letter in the mail yesterday that my expedite has been approved and my combo card will arrive in the mail shortly. I’d like to go home to Scotland for a few months, maybe around 3-4 months. Does anyone know if there’s a limit on how long i’m allowed to stay in my home country with my AP? Thanks
  2. Unfortunately I just received news yesterday that my mum has lung cancer. I just moved here in June and got married in July on a K1 visa. We applied for AP/EAD/AOS a few weeks ago and we revived our NOA1s last week. After finding out the devastating news yesterday, I rushed down to the field office in Philadelphia and asked for an emergency appointment. They gave me an emergency appointment and I asked for an emergency travel stamp so I can go home and see my mum and spend time with my family during this difficult time. Unfortunately the immigration officer Denied my request for the emergency travel stamp as she didn’t deem the cancer as an emergency yet because we don’t know what stage it’s at yet. However, she did request to expedite our current AP and I should should hear back in 10 business days if they accept or deny the expedite. If they do deny it then she said at that point she will give me an emergency travel stamp to go home and spend some time with my mum for about 3-4 weeks. The other option would be to just to abandon this part of the process completely - EAD/AP/AOS and just jump on a flight and go home now. Obviously that would mean I couldn’t get back into the US on my K1 visa as it’s a 1-time entry but my husband could then sponsor me for a CR1 and we would just wait for that to process and I would come back to the US after the year or so. I guess what I’m asking is if anyone has any experince with just abandoning the K1/AOS process and then applying for a CR1 afterwards ? thank you!!
  3. Thank you SO much!! this was a huge help
  4. i managed to speak to someone at USCIS and they changed my date of birth - YAY! however, they said that it could take 15-30 days to actually process...and i want to send AOS this week and in order to change my name at Social security, my date of birth has to be correct first... Does anyone know if i can send the AOS/EAD/AP forms with my husbands last name which will be my new married name even though my Social security card, my bank account and my marriage certificate still have my maiden name on them?? or will I have to send my AOS etc. forms with just my maiden name on them? thanks in advance!!
  5. I got married a couple of weeks ago to my husband who is the US citizen and we are currently preparing to send AOS. We were told that i can't change my name on my Social Security card (got one from a previous J1) in the state of Pennsylvania until after we do AOS but i thought i'd go to the social security office anyways and check it out. The man behind the window was processing everything and as expected he said 'there's been a problem' however, the problem was actually that immigration have listed my date of birth differently to whats on my passport (my real date of birth). does anyone know how i can change my date of birth to the correct one with immigration??
  6. Not in PA. they told me I had to put my maiden name on the marriage lisence so that’s what I did
  7. Hey guys!! im from the UK and moved here last month on a K1 visa. I got married last week in Pennsylvania and we’re just preparing to send AOS. Does anyone have advice on how I can change my last name to my husband’s name? We are residing in PA. we heard hitchswitch.com is good but apparently you can only use it when you’re an American citizen.
  8. Lorna&Alex

    K1 Visa - London Packet 3

    i dont think they asked for it at either of the appointments. I got USCIS to write an official email to me stating that they had definitely sent packet 3 but it had been lost in the mail, so I had that as proof in case they asked for it
  9. Lorna&Alex

    K1 Visa - London Packet 3

    yup!! I never received packet 3 so I didn't even have it for the interview
  10. I haven't gone through POE yet. But you can't fly transatlantic without a passport so you need to open that first plastic envelope. There is another official envelope inside...don't open that
  11. I opened that one to get my passport but not the inside one
  12. Lorna&Alex

    POE in dublin airport

    cool, all very good to know thanks for all the info!! I guess I read somewhere that when you're immigrating they need to scan your bags when you're going through customs/immigration so i thought maybe i'd have to collect my bags in dublin first so they could do that
  13. Lorna&Alex

    POE in dublin airport

    very cool I'm assuming you maybe flew from England to Dublin and then Dublin to the US? if so, did you collect your bags in Dublin airport and then re-check them in after preclearance in Dublin? or did your bags just go all the way through from England to the US?
  14. thanks for all the answers guys! I am going buy some temporary insurance like you guys have suggested, just to cover all bases Our wedding is all booked and planned for july 14th so after that I will get put on my Husband's insurance