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  1. US Embassy Manila booking issues

    Oh my.. I am sorry to hear that.. your case is rare.. are you sure you gave them the right receipt number (MRV)? You have your mrv slip right?
  2. CFO Sticker

    Oh I see.. Goodluck to both of you.. Interview was very easy.
  3. US Embassy Manila booking issues

    This is also new to me.. My fiancé hired rapidvisa but still I was the one who filled up all my forms including ds160.. I was sputum too st St. Luke’s and canceled my interview myself by calling the us embassy. I was cleared in my sputum too and since I knew setting interview is a first come for serve, my fiancé the petitioner rescheduled my interview few days before my scheduled release of Culture results. He was able to get April 17 at 6:40 am. My scheduled culture results release was on April 12 but I went at St. Luke’s on April 16. Everything went successfully and so was my interview the next day. Anyway just sharing my experience. When is the expiry of your medical? Mine is July 06, 2018 and I was told that I need to be out of the country before that day comes. So you must reschedule your interview as soon as possible. My visa validity is from April 18, 2018 to July 06, 2018.. Remember you have to use your medical for AOS too.. You should try call the us embassy manila yourself. Here is how I did it.. Using your loaded prepaid sim, dial ‭00 63 2 976 8500‬ then press 1-2-1-2 .. You can start calling at 8 am ph time. If you noticed there are two zeros, I don’t really know how to explain it but it worked for me. Goodluck!
  4. CFO Sticker

    Ah I see.. Is she there already?
  5. CFO Sticker

    Oh.. Are you a Filipino too?
  6. CFO Sticker

    Oh cool.. I’m flying from Dumaguete to Cebu (CebPac), Cebu to Shanghai to San Francisco then to Minneapolis (via China Eastern Airlines). What City are you in Minneapolis? I’ll be in Saint Paul.
  7. How much for fiancee to "leave" Cebu?

    Wow.. it is good to see this post. I ended up checking my itinerary receipt for my flight from Cebu to Minneapolis this May and I saw $216.31 (10,815.5 php) paid taxes and fees? Why it’s so big? Is the terminal fee and Philippines Travel tax included in this already or not? Or I will have to prepare 2370 pesos?
  8. CFO Sticker

    @payxibka and @Greenbaum thank you both, really appreciated you guys a lot for your effort. Anyway, my fiancé booked me my itinerary today and I’m taking the Cebu route to Minneapolis which means I’ll be getting my sticker in Cebu. Once again, thank you.
  9. CFO Sticker

    By the way, is CFO NAIA open on weekends too? Thank you.
  10. CFO Sticker

    Thank you so much! 😂😂
  11. CFO Sticker

    Hi guys.. need some ideas.. I had my CFO Seminar in Manila Office during my medical exam at St. Luke’s and now that I have the visa, is it possible for me to get the sticker in CFO Cebu instead of getting it in Manila? Cause I don’t have to fly if I get it in Cebu and I have relatives there where I could stay. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you, Rosemarie
  12. 2GO vs UStraveldocs

    Hello there.. I’m guessing you have also received a text from ustraveldoc and from 2GoExpress.. you cannot track it using the passport number. Wait for the email from ustraveldoc that contains the 2Go tracking of your passport. See mine below.. Hope this helps..
  13. sputum results

    Hi there.. I have my sputum test too last Feb 7,8,9 at St. Luke's.. Supposedly, my pulmonary evaluation was on Feb 14 but I had it on the 3rd day because I show them my return ticket.. My smear result is NEGATIVE. Regarding your concern, I am to return on April 12 hopefully for the results and the vaccine. Why yours is April 5? I think that is less than 8 weeks? Culture test results is 8 to 10 weeks.. and there is no x-ray.. they told me to wait for a call and if I didn't receive a call, I will just have to show up on the scheduled date. If they call you very early, that means they found something, it means you might be POSITIVE. So what I'm doing, is just wait and hope they don't call me..
  14. PDOS

    Oh yeah.. sorry.. my bad.. I hope you will find answers..
  15. PDOS

    Hi there.. you don't need to have a visa to attend CFO Seminar.. I did my CFO last Jan 31st and I don't have visa yet or even interview.. you can set online appointment at this link www.gcp-appointment.cfo.gov.ph .., just follow the instructions and you're good.. 😄😄