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  1. Hello all, I am submitting my civil documents using CECA and it is asking to submit "PHOTOGRAPHS". It does not elaborate what kind of photographs. Is this for proof of relationship or a passport type of image or just a selfie with my phone lol I was wondering what kind of photograph should I submit? Thank you!
  2. So our petition has to got to the NVC stage and I noticed that they require my wife's latest tax transcript. So my wife and I are filling taxes together and because I own a corporation in Canada, we need to file some extra paperwork. Unfortunately IRS has released the paperwork need to fill out for a forgien corporation yet. So my Accountant is going to be filling for an extension and fill our taxes together when IRS makes the forms available. I expect to have the interview before we file our taxes. Hence we won't have the transcripts available. We can get her previous years tax transcript. But we may not have 2017 available for a few months. I was wondering could this be an issue? Has anyone else been in the same situation as this? Thank you
  3. So Geowrian Am I correct? There is only ban if they processed her as an "expedited deportation"? Not just because she worked without authorization. But I thought they do expatiated deportation when someone works with authorization, as work without authorization does not carry a ban by it self. Maybe the officers that day did not feel like doing extra paperwork lol
  4. I think he would have ban If she was put under expedited removal. Not if they found her inadmissible and she withdrew her application. So the question is back in 2016 did he withdraw his application at the border or was she removed from the country through expedited removal? When they found he ineligible they would have given her paperwork which would state what happened.
  5. Dual citizen?

    I have friend in Canada who is Canadian and UK dual citizen but she only travels on her Canadian passport. She has not had a problem, so far. She says she prefers traveling on a Canadian passport to the UK as the lines for foreign nationals are usually smaller then UK and EU passports. But not sure if UK requires you to travel on a UK passport.
  6. Dual citizen?

    ooops I did not read that part. I stand corrected
  7. Dual citizen?

    Yeah to be honest I don't know why they changed the rules. In the past you did not need to but starting 2016 you need a Canadian Passport to visit and transit through Canada. I have posted a link below from the government of Canada site. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/dual-canadian-citizens-visit-canada.html Btw if you are entering the US, you need a US passport to enter the US (If you are a dual Citizen), just like Canada requires now. My advise is to carry both your passports when traveling.
  8. Dual citizen?

    Yes! good point. Giving up your Canadian citizenship is done by contacting the Canadian Government. Also another piece of information. Canada recently changed its law, in regards to Dual citizens entering Canada. You need a Canadian passport to enter. So you plan on visiting Canada. Make sure your passport is not expired.
  9. Dual citizen?

    Did you take steps to give up your Canadian Citizenship? If the answer is "No". You are a dual citizen.
  10. K1 visa denied

    Just to understand why he was denied. How many times have you met him in person? and how long have you been with each other?
  11. Just as I thought. He told me NVC does not require it but the embassy might.
  12. Hello all, Getting ready for the NVC stage and I have questions in regards to police certificate. So I lived in UAE for about a decade before I turned 16. I was under the impression I don't need a police certificate from there. However I was talking a friend and he said they will need it from there as well. So my question is, is he correct? Do I need a police certificate from a country I lived in before I turned 13?
  13. Okay like a lot of people who have stated above you need to provide more details and clarify things to advice you better. So you were in your first marriage and received your green card through that marriage. How long were you married? and How long after you got your green card did you guys get divorced? So if you got your green card through your first marriage, why are you applying for immigration benefits through your second marriage? If you did not apply for immigration benefits through your first marriage, I am confused as to why USCIS will think you committed fraud during your first marriage (if you did not apply for immigration benefits during your first marriage). How long after your divorce did you get married to your second husband and how long have you been married to your second husband? Finally were you denied immigration benefits because they did not believe you first marriage was true when you applied the first time?