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  1. Speaking about the Philippine NBI clearance, my wife just received an NBI clearance obtained from abroad (here in the UK) by filling in the form at the Philippine embassy and getting it certified there, with fingerprints etc. The form has instructions that state that marrried women should fill out the form with their unmarried name and fill in the husband's name in the appropriate spaces. Then when the NBI clearance came back from the Philippines it had the names filled out correctly with the married name along with the maiden name. If you have an old NBI clearance you should send that back with the new application and that makes things go a little more smoothly for your relative who will be making the application on your behalf. Good luck!
  2. We recently filed DCF, submitted I130 1st Nov, got the I130 approved Jan 17, then got NOA2 after a couple of days and arranged medical for the earliest date (Jan 31). Foolishly I waited until the medical was over and they had confirmed that they had sent the papers to the Embassy before I logged into the interview site and tried for the earliest date: that turned out to be Mid March. So the biggest delay for us was waiting between the medical and earliest interview. If I had my time over I would arrange the interview at the same time as the medical and then hopefully get a shorter delay. Good luck!
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    I130 help

    Regarding the part you asked about financial support, after your I130 has been accepted and you are into the interview prep phase, you will need to fill out the I864 affadavit of support, and be ready to submit at least one US tax return copy for the last financial year. I hope that you have been filing those, otherwise that may be something you need to think about... Then about the actual amount of money needed to approve your application, if there is any doubt that the co-sponsor plus your own income (as declared on the past tax return) meets the federal poverty guidelines, you can indeed declare assets such as your house that you own. There is no specific requirement that you have employment arranged, but of course it all helps the consular officer make a decision. In our case, I have no job arranged, but my last IRS tax return shows adequate income and I submitted some proof of assets (IRA statement, property titles, bank account statements) to indicate that I am likely to be able to support everyone in the states. Good luck!
  4. I filed DCF, and accompanied my wife and 2 kids to the IR-1/CR-1 interview in the Manila embassy. The initial paperwork was handed in at a little booth just inside the large room (ground floor but opposite the room for Non-immigrant), then the initial meeting for biometrics, fingerprints, document checks etc was at a window, and the interview itself took place in a small office just round the corner from the glass windows. All was clearly notified on internal displays.
  5. I do not have your exact experience and situation, but when I was living temporarily in the Philippines, all that was needed for me to file DCF was some evidence like a rental agreement that shows that you are living there, and have somewhere formal for the emabassy to send papers to. If I recall correctly, I manually delivered the initial paperwork to the embassy (this is going back to 2007, so things may have changed...), and the guy who looked through the papers I was submitting noted that I had a signed rental agreement and accepted the submission. But if someone else has more recent experience, listen to them not me.... Good luck!