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  1. Who knows. I try not to make guesses as to why the slow or no movement. But it is what it is. I try to tell myself to be patient and not loose hope. That this too shall pass.
  2. I know it's hard waiting. We are in our 11 month of waiting. So we hope our interview is around the corner and that we do not have to wait 20 months. It's hard not knowing anything until you recieve that interview letter. But there has to be an end to the waiting at some point! Good luck!
  3. Yes! It appears to be a long wait. However if you look at the site they say that about 50% of applications get processed within the first 11 months if I understand correctly. Hopefully this is true. Someone I know just recently finished their interview. They got their letter and interview in 11 1/2 months at the Seattle Washington office. Don't loose heart.
  4. Nope! I've heard nothing. Still say they cannot give me any information right now. But if you check the processing tim it is now 11-22 months. Sadly!
  5. Non for me yet. Since September 6/2017 my file has said ready to book an interview. but nothing and then the past month or so this has been posted.At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283 for additional information. I phoned this number and they said it was a glitch but nothing has changed. When I phoned in to listen to the message on where my application is at it say ready to book an interview..
  6. No notice for interview yet for you?
  7. Any July 2017 filer's in Seattle receive an interview date yet?  It seems like nothing is moving at the Seattle office.

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    2. Andsco


      Someone told me if maybe they switched into checking other type of docs for now and our AOS stuff has been put aside..Sadly for us is still not even 12 months (and we have to wait up to 17 to be able to complain). I just don't get it..

    3. thewaitingame


      I'm from August too! I think they stopped marriage based cases  and focused on employment based :(

    4. Andsco


      I guess we'll have to wait then..I will have to renew the Employment authorization on July in order to be able to keep working then. I honestly thought by then I would have the GC and would not need to go through the renewal but..I guess now. :unsure: 

  8. It seems like after reading a portion of your letter you might have sent in the older version of the form. They require the most recent version of the form and will not acceppt the older version. I would just call the number they gave and ask any questions.
  9. Did you receive the notice online or in the mail? I have the same notice on mine saying there is no information right now!
  10. Nope! The lady I talked to read her note really fast and finally I told her she was talking way too fast and I could not understand a word she was saying. She relaxed then and answered some of my questions. Like why is it taking so long to process? She said sometimes there are just such a great number of applications it makes the system back logged. Then I asked her if it was a computer glitch she said yes. How ever I do know someone who works in immigration processing in another country. She told me for example: That sometimes they will set aside a type of Visa area they have been working on so that they can work on another visa type for a while. Then go back to working on former Visa area once the line of of petitioners has increased. I also recently read an article that from a layer that states that because of the increase of new steps in regards to getting new applicants for green card as per Donald Trump's request. There are just so many new steps they have to go through during processing that is is taking much longer and although! I they have been promised more workers to help with case load this has not yet happened. Hence the back log.
  11. It says that on my site as well. I called the number for more info like it says and asked if it was a computer glitch and they said yes.
  12. Hello! Any July 2017 AOS filer's out there seen any movement for interviews in Seattle Washington office? I'm still waiting!!!


    1. Andsco


      I have somewhat contact with a June filer and he said he has no news about it..I don't know what's going on with WA/Seattle office but I don't get how for months it was fast and now it stopped completely..

  13. So.... I just heard of someone who just got a letter for their AOS interview in Seattle. They applied 11 months ago. So I guess that would be in May 2017. Getting Closer!!!!! Has anyone else seen the new USCIS Home page? They give more of a guestimate on timeline for Adjustment of Status. For Seattle it is 11-17 months. Then they give more information on how this all works. Interesting! But still waiting. ~~~ Hopfully it will only take 11 months and not 17!!! Lol!
  14. Nope! None! I did look on the Visa Journey charts for adjustment of status today. They are working on June. So that makes me hopeful. But I don't know if that is Seattle or just an average of other places. I know some people in March are done. And one got approved from November 11. Which is way passed July dates. They must have sliped through. lol. I don;t know if people are not posting when they get their green card of if they are really back logged till December. Still waiting patiently.