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  1. Visa Approved !

    Thank you , flying out Saturday to pick him up!!
  2. Visa Approved !

    My husband had his interview March 13th and I also was not able to attend. He said the process was painless. He was asked how we met, if I knew his family and daughter and if he has met my family and son. They asked him what I did for a living and what was the name of the company I worked at, my birthdate, and other basic questions and also did take a look at our wedding pictures. He said the entire interview lasted 5-7 minutes. The process from door to door was about 4 hours. He got his Visa 2 days later. I'm flying out to pick him up this weekend.
  3. Visa Approved !

    My husbands Visa was approved this morning in the Dominican Republic!!! SO exciting. Hope to have documents to travel soon so I can go pick him up and bring him home.
  4. Visa Approved !

    Congratulations. My husband's interview is a week from today March 13th. How long after the interview was the Visa approved? Any tips for the interview? Thanks
  5. Our CC 2/9/2017. We got our interview letter 2/17/2017 and the interview is scheduled for March 13th.
  6. D.R. question

    My Husband just had his Medical exam in the D.R last week and with the vaccines it was about $420 total. He is 32 years old and had no proof of any vaccines. The price depends on age and previous vaccine proof.
  7. In queue for interview

    Thanks, sounds hopeful
  8. In queue for interview

    He is from the Dominican Republic.
  9. Hello all , We finally received the email from NVC today that all requested documentation has been received and my husband in in queue awaiting and interview appointment. Questions: The letter says it can take up to 3 months to get an interview, is this true? Is a date automatically appointed or do you get to choose your own date within a range? Should he schedule his physical examination now or wait until the interview date has been assigned? Thanks,
  10. yes i get a message to hold or go on website but then it just hangs up. I will try later on. Thanks so much.
  11. Thanks I will try it now.
  12. This is week 6 for us. I hope to hear something soon. I have no idea if they even received the documents. What number can I call to check?
  13. Hello everyone, I have done everything that has been asked and mailed in all documents. This is week 6 for me since I mailed the documents. How do you know your documents have even been received?My civil and financial documnts on the website show as n/a, should I be concerned? I haven't heard anything from anyone since NVC welcome letter. Also what number are you calling to check status? When I call I get a message that says they are experiencing high volume to use the website and send an email and then the phone hangs up. I have sent to emails now and no response. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.