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  1. Exactly. it would actually be much faster if the brother got a masters degree in computer engineering or even become a medical doctor and applied to US companies. Faster by a decade at least!
  2. OP, have you actually seen any DOCUMENTED PROOF about this situation other than what your wife has told you?
  3. If you are so worried about saving on airplane fare, how do you plan on paying for a Ph.D. in the US? You're looking at $50k just for tuition, plus living expenses $$$ and no loans unless your home country will pay for your degree.
  4. Be prepared to not be able to work for maybe 6 months. Processing is slow..
  5. DNA tests can tell the difference. Get those and that is the best proof in the world!
  6. He could just get a Tax ID number and file back taxes now. No need to wait until 2019. Problem would be if he ever claimed to be a US Citizen on any documents, including on a W-4 form at his place(s) of employment. Or if he used a fake SS#.
  7. NOT a good idea to suddenly show up at his door. He may not like that. And if you get angry, pound on the door, yell and cry, and make a scene, he could call the police. You could even be accused of stalking if you keep calling him and he doesn''t answer. His not wanting to talk on the phone to you should be telling you something!
  8. "I know that he will definitely have to be clear that he won't be able to work until he has the employment authorization." Does the job realize this could take more than 6 months or more, depending on when you marry? So you will have lots of time for you to get a job in California and move there with him. If you married now, he could work right away after entering the US.
  9. Could you amend your 2017 taxes and NOT take the deductions and therefore meet the minimum? It would cost you some money, but better than waiting another 9 months to file 2018 taxes.
  10. Work and Travel

    You cannot work on a tourist visa. So bring plenty of money if you come on a tourist visa. For the future: Getting a student visa won't happen this year. US colleges are very, very expensive, you will not qualify for government loans, and you can only work 20 hours a week on a student visa, work on campus only. Bring even more money if you come on a student visa.
  11. OPT Taxes NO W-2

    Employer should have given you a 1099-MISC But you can file without it if you know the total you were paid
  12. Some landlords will NOT let you add another person to the lease unless they have a job and a background check, as that is a way some tenants try to sneak in a bad person. You can look into extended stay hotels until your situation gets straightened out. Even most motels will offer a monthly rate.
  13. Who is the USC? A USC must file a US tax return yearly no matter where in the world they live.
  14. Sponsering Mother-in-law as employee

    You might consider talking to that attorney now about you MIL. Are you and your spouse ok with moving to the US if she cannot immigrate at all? If the EB-3 visa doesn't work out, your husband could not sponsor her until he is a full USC. And the parent reunification visa may be ended by then.
  15. You can use the copies of the W-2's you received from past employers and filed with your federal taxes.