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  1. Certainly possible...but not sure how that's relevant here. People do all sorts of illegal things without getting caught (yet), but that has no bearing on the advice to be presented here.
  2. Tourist Visa or I-130

    An I-130 would be for an immigrant visa. An immigrant visa is used to enter with permanent residency in the US. If she doesn't intend to live in the US as her permanent residence, then that's not the path to take.
  3. As stated, she must become a USC before she can start the petitioning process for her mother or a sibling. The mother's petition will take ~1 year or so. The sister would take ~15-20+ years...although if the mother comes first, the mother could petition for her if your sister is (and remains) unmarried. ETA: ~7-10 years. This is assuming she is 21+...if she's a minor, the wait is considerably shorter so long as she doesn't age out. The mother can apply for a tourist visa to visit. The CBP officer will determine her maximum stay at POE. Typically this is 6 months, but could theoretically be anywhere from 1 day to 1 year. Spending too much time in the US (even without an overstay) makes future visits more difficult...so be sure to spend at least as much time outside the US as in it (twice as much preferred). As for her chances, it depends entirely on her circumstances. Really she just needs to apply and find out. The 42% refusal rate is very high....so while 58% are approved, I would also argue that the majority of applicants approved have good cases. For comparison, the Philippines has around a 25% refusal rate and it's generally considered pretty difficult to get one. This isn't to discourage you...just setting realistic expectations. Also, while it's completely normal to visit and celebrate the birth of your child (congrats!), a tourist cannot be providing childcare/babysitting/etc. This is considered work, which is not permitted on a tourist visa. The reason I bring this up is it's pretty common in many foreign cultures for a family member to take care of a newborn while the parents work, and it sounds like you want them to immigrate to the US, so it does sound like this may be the case here. Or maybe not...it's just a point I felt worth raising as it does pop up here pretty often.
  4. Job History

    It asks you to state your employment history for the last 5 years, regardless of country. You should list all employment for the past 5 years.
  5. While it has been noted in the prior posts, I think it's worth repeating that there's a considerable difference between obtaining a joint account when both parties are physically in the US vs when the beneficiary is abroad, and the beneficiary does not have an existing SSN. The Patriot Act implemented a number of restrictions to cover this circumstance. I absolutely won't say it's impossible (it seems like some individuals have had success with some banks), but it does present challenges.
  6. It's not quite rare, but it's also not the norm. They only do so when they already suspect something, or at least have serious concerns. I concur that you're at a point where good legal counsel is advised. There can be a path forward, but it's something best discussed with proper representation.
  7. Phone number change

    The G-325 is not used for an I-129F. The G-325A used to be used but was dropped in early 2017 since the information requested was added to the I-129F itself. The G-1145 is the one for electronic notification of receipt via SMS and/or email. The G-1145 is only for the NOA1. To get notifications for the NOA2, you should signup for alerts after creating an account & entering your receipt number on the USCIS Case Tracker website: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do
  8. Well, I think that would make you in-laws, right? My family relation knowledge is not the greatest (sorry)...but the idea is there no biological relation between them and you, and no relation that qualifies for anything with immigration. The list of qualifying relatives is in an edit in my previous post. Last fiscal year, 398 DVs went to Australians out of 49,976 total DVs actually issued (https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/AnnualReports/FY2017AnnualReport/FY17AnnualReport-TableVII.pdf). The latest info I can find for DV entrants is from 2015, which had 14,233 entrants. That said, the 398 visas issued includes derivatives, whereas the 14,233 number does not (there were 6,346 derivatives combined across the 14,233 Australian entrants). After adjusting for this, it's around a 2% chance of being selected and obtaining a DV in FY2015 for an Australian. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Diversity-Visa/DVStatistics/DVApplicantEntrantsbyCountry 2013-2015.pdf
  9. Yup...definitely not cheap but is an option. Your ex's family has no current legal relation to you (and in-laws can't petition anyway). A qualifying relative to petition would either be: Current USC or LPR spouse 21+ USC child USC Sibling (~15-20+ years) USC or LPR parent (~7-10 years)
  10. For an E-2 investment visa. And it's $500k, not $500.
  11. You cannot move to the US without an appropriate visa. You can visit on an ESTA for up to 90 days, assuming you qualify for an ESTA. To get a visa to live in the US, you would either need a qualifying relative to petition for you (an ex won't count), or to look at investment, work, etc. visas. The non-family based ones are not easy to obtain. If you work for a company with a US branch and in certain roles, you may be able to do an L-1 visa to transfer to the US. If the children are 21 or older, they can petition for you for an IR-5 visa. ETA: ~a year or so.
  12. Whether you file while his is in the US or not will not affect the result of the petition or obtaining the visa. There is a small section to complete on the I-129F if they are in the US when you file. The information needs to be accurate as of the time you file it. I wouldn't worry about when exactly they open it. Just fill it out honestly as of the time you send the paperwork and you'll be fine.
  13. VAWA records

    The requirements for doing ROC with the abuse waiver is different than that of domestic violence in a criminal or family court.
  14. Tourist Visa Tips - Overstay

    Good point. A return or onward ticket within 90 days is a requirement for entry for VWP travelers. It's always highly suggested for any visitor, but it's actually a requirement in this case.
  15. See page 16 of the I-485 instructions. It's not a fee waiver (that's separate). You can file the I-131 + I-765 at the same time as the I-485, or you can send them later and include a copy of the I-485's NOA1 in lieu of payment.