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  1. Lazybones18

    Question about U.S citizenship of Baby

    Apply visit visa come to Usa 1-2 months before expected delivery date give birth leave Usa my friend did this he is from Pakistan.. no hiccups it’s very simple. good luck
  2. What is the total amount in USA dollars you paid for gifts etc ?
  3. Don’t divorce her .. she is obligated to get consent from you and will be forced to contact you. Or she will have to come to Pakistan to appear before a court to get divorce .. both ways it’s a great hassle for her which she deserves Try to extend the interview to buy ur more time to see if u can talk to her and work things out
  4. Lazybones18

    Tourist visa from friend in pakistan

    Hi OP I was born in Pakistan and moved to USA 15 years ago. I visit back home almost every year. Some information for you: 1) there is a misconception in Pakistan that a invitation letter is needed from a USC or resident to get a tourist visa to america. When I go back I hear a lot of people say this. You should educate him with the tourist visa process. He is misinformed 2) a lot of people from Pakistan are getting visit visas issued now a days in Islamabad. I have 5 friends visit me in the last 3 years from Pakistan. It is not a big deal anymore as long as u have a solid application. To answer your question. Educate the guy about the visit visa process and have him send a solid application. No invitation letter needed no comments on the marriage situation good luck
  5. Lazybones18

    Birth certificate

    My wife got her visa issued with a late entry marked on her birth certificate ... no questions asked ... as long as NAdra official document you are good but just in case carry secondary evidence like matriculation with DOB and ID cards cuz with Islamabad embassy you nevertheless know
  6. After submitting all documents from what I have seen on this forum it will take from 1 month to a year for approval depending on a lot of factors just make sure your joint sponsor is solid and it’s better if you have some kind of relationship with Co sponsee. If though it’s not a requirement but I’ve seen people getting scrutinized if they get random people Co sponsoring them good luck
  7. My wife 4th week and I just got a update at USCIS that greencard is being printed and on its way SSN we applied and came within 2 weeks she just passed her driver license exam so drivers license done also things are smooth
  8. My wife arrived to Usa today at LAX airport from Dubai through emirates no secondary - was through immigration in few minutes - kept the packet End of journey thank you for everyone for all the support and I pray everyone will get their visa ASAP so they can be with their loved ones
  9. My wife had interview 2 weeks ago no police cerificate needed don’t bother waste of time and money
  10. Lazybones18

    Processing Times

    guyz my wife cr1 visa just got approved and i was glancing this thread ... its taking 1-2 years for removal of conditions ####### what happens if your green card expires and you have pending I751 ? can you travel outside USA ?
  11. i have never heard of this to be honest how can someone not have a first name ? Your DS-260 should match the passport - if it doesn't you need to let the person who is interviewing you know
  12. Please click Portal and then Consulate reviews here you can read interview experiences below is a link for you also ... i just did my review recently hope it helps http://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=Pakistan
  13. Lazybones18

    Interview next months...documents needed

    Interview 02/15/2018 Visa issued 02/16/2018 (online Status) Passport in Hand 02/20/2018 because 17th/18th/19th was off .. weekend + federal holiday
  14. Lazybones18

    Interview next months...documents needed

    I took both screenshots and whatsapp pages the CO didnt look at a single piece of evidence my wife brought... when i went to the window with my wife the CO asked me who i was. I answered her husband. Then the CO told me " Take all the paperwork and please have a seat" my entire wife interview was verbal only. 0 evidence we brought was looked at it was because maybe i sent a lot of evidence in the original application and then again during NVC ?? I dont know