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  1. When our status switched to 'Ready', I also sent in the packet 3 info to Montreal however we didn't receive Packet 4. After 3-4 days, they sent the Packet 3 email so I resubmitted the checklist and we got our Packet 4 email that night. I'm not sure why it works for some people and not others but don't be too worried-they will email you Packet 3 in the next few days hopefully!
  2. Right! I think you probably can but they include in packet 3 that interviews scheduled prior to receiving packet 4 might be cancelled without notification so probably safer to wait.
  3. Our packet 4 came via email from Montreal. We emailed the checklist and everything on 3/22 prior to actually receiving the packet 3 email once our status said ready. Then on 3/24 we received the packet 3 email, responded to it again with the same info and received packet 4 on 3/28! Some people had much faster responses than that so fingers crossed for you Also, FYI they had a bunch of interview slots still available for April when we booked ours last week. It looked like every Wednesday starting 4/19 they had openings. We picked 5/3 just because it worked logistically for our schedules. Good luck!
  4. Thank you! It's a little bit complicated because he's a Grenadian citizen but has been a permanent resident in Canada since 2011 and currently lives there so we are applying through Montreal. Hopefully our packet 4 comes back as quickly as yours did! Thank you again- that was super helpful!
  5. Do you have to pay an additional fee prior to scheduling your interview? I just emailed packet 3 and remember reading about a fee but assumed it was with the ds160. I'm hoping our packet 4 is sent back as quickly as yours so we can go ahead and schedule!
  6. Thank you, geowrian! This thread has been so helpful during this super stressful process. Good luck to everybody!
  7. Thank you for such a quick response! I'm pretty sure Canada handles status during renewal the same way as the US as he is still able to work, travel etc within Canada. My question isn't so much about the PR card process but about the us embassy seeing it as a problem during his interview for the K1 visa. I know they will look at his passport and am hoping to avoid any possible issues!
  8. I have sort of a specific question for you guys but am hoping someone might be able to help! My fiancé is a permanent resident in Canada and his PR card expired in October of 2016. He applied to renew it in July but it is still in progress (?). Will this be a problem when we go for our interview in Montreal? He will have his current Grenadian visa as well but as he lives in Canada I'm not sure if it will be a problem. He applied for the renewal before we got engaged so it's complicated having two pending but I'm just hoping it won't affect our visa!