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  1. July 2017 AOS Fillers

    it has been at 'scheduling interview' since mid-October - looking at current processing times, it could be October this year before I get an interview...
  2. July 2017 AOS Fillers

    There is a new website - so you need to go register there. Many people have said the updates are more accurate than the old site https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/
  3. Thanks for your reply @Wuozopo - yes i think I understand the exclusion. It simply means that if I earn below that amount ($50k) in my overseas earnings, those overseas earnings will effectively be excluded from my taxable income (so it will be declared but then deducted). I was in the UK for the first six months of the year so it is about a $50k cap for me but I didn't earn that much in that period so effectively it will be irrelevant (although I still need to complete all the paperwork)
  4. Great news!! I had an interview last Friday which went really well and I am hoping to hear back this week and hopefully I'll not be far behind you starting work!
  5. I am so relieved I found this thread! I have spent the entire afternoon going down a wormhole of IRS information. Firstly discovering that to file jointly I need to declare my UK income for Jan-June (I got here on July 3rd) - which is not as straightforward as it sounds as I was self-employed and the UK tax year runs April to April. However - I then found the 2555 (not eligible for the 2555-EZ as I was self-employed) and got taken aback by the exemption amount and thought there was no way I could be eligible ($49000 exemption? - I didn't earn anywhere near that much in those six months - maybe $15000?). So - am I right in thinking that I declare all my income from self-employment (what evidence is required? I don't have certified accounts) and then claim the six months exemption (182 days or thereabouts) on the form 2555. I don't mind just demonstrating all income - without prepared accounts as it still comes well under the $50,000 even without any deductions. Am I missing anything else? I don't have any savings - I do have a son who was under the age of 19 who lived with me but was not a US citizen or resident - and he has stayed in the UK to study.
  6. It arrived today. Day 103.
  7. WOW!! in the two minutes since posting that - I checked informed delivery again - and as i saw the USCIS package in the packages section - it arrived in my mailbox! I have my card!
  8. Update: I received my NOAs on Saturday 23rd for my EAD and AP. Approval date was December 18th (95 days I think). Now watching informed delivery for my card... so thankful to be able to get some work in January!
  9. I think USCIS is supposed to respond to congressional enquiries within 48 hours - so this would reinforce that theory
  10. I hadn't been on in a couple of days and was delighted when I noticed that your signature had changed (I was starting with August updates). I wrote to my senator on Monday to request a congressional enquiry - so am now really hopeful that I will hear something by New Year! Your approval appeared to be updated the day after your enquiry was made - I am really hoping my senators office will catch USCIS before the holidays... This made me so happy - great news!
  11. Thats great news. My dates are almost identical to yours so really hoping that means mine is on it's way. I have just sent forms to my senator to request a congressional enquiry. Hopefully I will get my NOA before she needs to follow up...
  12. This thread is for people adjusting from K1 visas. I don't know which agency told you that but Minnesota does not process i485 applications in two months. If you google you will find lots of stories of people here waiting a year or more for their i485 to be processed. The agency that told you it takes two months, needs new staff. Every state is different. Minnesota is one of the slowest. There is nothing to worry about. It will just take time. At least if we get combo cards soon we will be able to work and travel.
  13. Day 90 - same as @PR&PR. I have printed off my form to send to my senator... I raised an SR a week ago but haven't called a tier two officer yet. I am hoping that the recent rustling of of the arrival of letters and EADs on this forum in the past few days means that it will be here in the next week. This will be the ideal christmas present... At least I m able to see that some of you are getting your cards - it keeps the hope fire burning!
  14. There are many filers still waiting who filed in July and August. Most people seem to be waiting around 110 days. Some lucky people are getting them more quickly but this seems to be a lucky few. So - if you filed at the start of October you will probably have your authorisation at the end of January. If you are lucky you might have it sooner and if you are unlucky it could be sometime in February.
  15. https://screenshots.firefox.com/BIctOJ3RZmBARQSg/egov.uscis.gov July 2016 in St Paul, MN... :/