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  1. You have to send the w-2s because the transcript will not be available until after June some time.
  2. Yes they do ask you however that is to ensure that you at least filed. I was in the same situation and I sent my current years tax transcript and completed the questions and I have not had any issues thus far.
  3. you do not claim your spouse on your taxes except under specific circumstances but you do file a joint tax return. a social or ITIN is only required if you make the election to treat your non resident alien spouse as a Resident alien for tax purposes. You are not required to do so though. Also yes you should have filed married filing separately and you can amend your taxes.
  4. I am no marriage counselor so I will not attempt to tell a grown person what they should or should not do. Do what you need to do to make yourself feel better if it means reporting said spouse then do so. Whether or not it will work is another story but no one here can tell you what they think an IO will say or do. They are also human and you never know you may get an IO who is going through the same thing and is sympathetic to your situation. I love how ppl like to play marriage counselor or psychologist but not everyone responds to stress the same way. Some ppl have issues with anxiety and can only relax if they do something. If that is what you need to do then do it. There is no law that says you cant. Let USCIS tell you it wont work. It is a subjective thing and if you can prove that he was communicating with other women prior to your marriage, they may make an inference (which is what they mostly do) and agree with you that the marriage was not in good faith. i personally know someone who experienced a similar situation to yours and he is now sitting in his home country GC revoked. Sometimes moving on means taking action. Some ppl cannot even hold it together while they wait for this process even though it is out of their control, so be careful from whom you take advice.
  5. If you are pregnant they will not Xray you.
  6. The latest tax return is what is important as the prior two years are optional to submit, but you need to have filed them. The current year taxes are what they use to mske a determination as to whether or not you meet the poverty guidelines. I would also submit an employment letter and or pay stubs to give them an idea of what you make on a monthly basis. BTW bits the I-864.
  7. If you and your spouse were married on December 31, 2016 and they are a US citizen, or LPR you are a US resident for tax purposes. You do not have to meet the substantial presence test in that case. So you would choose #3. The bank is asking you this for tax purposes so that is the answer you choose.
  8. More proof

    Ok, what she is saying is that her name came up at another address, so it sounds to me like you are a victim of identity theft. What I would do is call the utility company and have the utilities shut off and file a police report that you believe someone stole your identity because your name is coming up at an address that you do/did not live. Also contact the property owner of the address by email and hope that she responds saying that there is no record of you living at that address. The focus needs to be on that. There is no other evidence of marriage that will convince the IO because a couple can have all of those things and still not live together. What you need to focus on is proving that you never lived at the other address. Best of luck.
  9. Even though the first GC is conditional for all intents and purposes it is still a GC so those 2 years count.
  10. I believe he is asking in order to apply for citizenship because he is going to apply for the ROC early next year correct OP?
  11. 3 years from the original issuance of GC.
  12. Its not a problem , but it is a complicated tax issue for which you will need expert tax advice. Whether or not you will have to pay taxes will depend on whether or not you elect to be treated as a US resident for tax purposes, and will have to claim your foreign income as well. Then it depends on the type and amount. All of which you would want to ask someone with the experience to help you with.
  13. You can file with a current employment letter and 3 months worth of pay stubs if you make enough. If you did not file taxes last year then you would submit proof of non filing for the previous years with an explanation as to why you did not file. Be that as it may, you may still need a joint sponsor as they use the current years taxes to determine if you meet the federal poverty guidelines. Even if you work for the whole year 2017, and file your taxes in 2018 you will still need an explanation as to why you did not file previously for 2016, and 2015 because you will answer no to the question of whether or not you filed taxes for the last 3 years.
  14. Yes but make sure you sign.
  15. Yes it is. You should have submitted the 1040 or tax transcript from the IRS. You can obtain that online. W2s alone do nothing.