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  1. Hi everybody on visajourney I just wanted to put the last update timeline of my wife's case I know I haven't been sharing anything because I tried to shar but didn't get help or advice also seeing people move on and my case was in place had me not that people are moving forward but because I'm not however thank God I'm finally done with the hole process
  2. Hi everybody I'm new here I was hoping to find out more about the NVC process and share my VJ with you guys. So I'm try to make it as simple as possible. I130 sent on November 13 1st Noa: on November 16/2015 thy received my i130 2nd NOA: on May 26/2016 that my case was transferred to a 26feadrl plaza N.Y and I have to show up for the uscis interview was for me the petitioner witch I head to go back to the US for. 3rd Noa: July 5/2016 case was approved July 24/2016 I requested for Expedite July 27/ 16 I received notification that the us embassy or consulate are willing to expedite my case once the NVC has received all required documents and fees July 29 I received my welcome letter August 1 I paid AOS fee and completed ds261choice of agent and address August 10/2016 I called NVC and I got ds261 reviewed on the phone I was told to wait 3-7 days for IV fee to show up but nothing happened so after the 7days pass I started calling avery other day sense . I sent AOS package and iv package together August 18 bye ups it was received on 19th I received notification from NVC that thy received on 23 and the my scan dat is the 19 of August On September 2nd I was put under supervisor review I was told to what 60 day but I didn't I kept on calling daily On the September 19th I received a checklist for the DS260 and that the NVC will not review my documents till its submitted September 21 I was able to pay iv fee 23 I submitted my ds260 on November 4th I got a checklist for missing the ethiopian police clearance witch the government of the country dose not give one in less it's asked from a government agency and special ween my wife is not an ethiopian it was even more difficult to get one. I ended up getting the police clearance for here after showing Tham the checklist however I sent in my documents on November 14th my scan date is November 15 . I called 3 weeks later asking what has happened to the expedite processing. I was told that my expedite was dined and there's no expedite made me go #,#,#&##&$€! £&2$&€£3÷£3& however I ended up waiting the 6 weeks to review but still nothing I called January 4 and was told sorry bye Friday night it will be done call back Monday to confirm so I did that and I was told my case was put on supervisor review and that I have to wait 6 weeks I swear I have never every dropped so many tears in my life or felt the way I felt that day. It's the second time the case was put on supervisor review and till this day nothing yet. That's my story till this point I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how much can this tack and how does this willing to expedite means or its just BS thy tell you ween they really just want to get read of you ... If you read the howl thank you for your time. ..