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  1. VAWA, Part 9

    There’s no fee if you renew the same category
  2. VAWA, Part 9

    @Veronika691 yes my vawa was approved in March last year. After that I submitted the AOS in May 2017. I didn’t have any RFE during the waiting period. I hope you will hear from them soon. You should also make an infopass to check on your case status.
  3. VAWA, Part 9

    @Blackangel Houston @Kleenex12 I have posted my timeline on previous posts. Please go back and find it.
  4. VAWA, Part 9

    Hi guys, I just had my I-485 interview today. It went really well. The officer just went over the questions that were on the application. I got approved on spot. My journey is finally over. I hope by sharing this with you, you all will have more encouragement and hope just like how this site has helped me until this day. Good luck to everyone!
  5. VAWA, Part 9

    @iwillsurvive I filed mine AOS in May 2017. So 9 months. My office is Houston.
  6. VAWA, Part 9

    Hi guys, Its been a while since I last posted. Just want to give you guys an update. Finally, after a long wait, I am having my I485 interview this Tuesday. I will tell you guys how it goes. Good luck to all who are still waiting. Be patient. God will give us an answer.
  7. VAWA, Part 9

    Mine was submitted in May and I just recently got approved end of November. So hang on there, I think you will get approved soon.
  8. VAWA, Part 8

    @Cameron.xyz did u file 2016 or 2017? If 2016 and you have an extension of prima facie without your request, I suggest you make an infopass and inquire about your case. That's what happened to me, I filed May 2016. April 2017, I received the second prima facie although I did not request it. I came to an infopass ans found out my case was approved in March 2017.
  9. VAWA, Part 8

    The issue if prima facie solely depends on the officer who works on your case. Lots of members here got approved without prima facie. In other words, having a prima facie does not mean that your case will be approved.
  10. VAWA, Part 8

    @rumzair09: congratulations, i hope u the best on the start of a new journey!
  11. VAWA, Part 8

    @luoboy: Please give Sandra respect! She's an immigration attorney specializing in VAWA and a domestic violence advocate. She's giving all of us her advice and opinion. If you're not satisfied with her answer then don't bother to ask! Go ahead and hire a lawyer who can help you out with your immigration process. Its your belief and nobody can change it. You can lists 100 cases that you know but at the end of the day you are still sitting here having no GC, asking around. A lot of members here as well as me are thankful for a kind person like Sandra. Again, if you don't get the answer you want, go somewhere else. This forum exists because of a person like Sandra.
  12. VAWA, Part 8

    @patienceisvirtue Congrats! I'm so happy for you. I just sent out my application 2 weeks ago. I hope I will get an interview soon. Good luck with your new journey.
  13. VAWA, Part 8

    Congratulations! Im happy for you
  14. VAWA, Part 8

    The Congressman office contacts directly to Vermont. If they give you the same answer with USCIS customer service, that means no decision has been made yet. Thats what happened to me, too before I got approved.