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  1. Okay. We had the interview last week. I filled out the new I-134, and checked "yes" on question 38, then provided on Part 7 "N/A K1 VISA APPLICATION." There was no issue with the paperwork, so it was good!
  2. Thanks, I'm going to go with that. My interview is next week Wednesday. Good luck on yours!
  3. Hi folks, When filling out the new I-134 (11/30/16), question 38 is about specific contributions in support of the beneficiary. On the old I-134 this was question 11. For K1 visa applicants on the old form, we were directed to check neither box, and write in "N/A K1 Visa Applicant" or something along those lines. For the new form, should we leave the box unchecked and put the appropriate text in part 7 (additional information), or should we now check "intend" and (again) provide the relevant text in part 7? I'm leaning towards checking "yes," simply because it will trigger the reviewer to look for additional information, and they'll then see that this is listed as "N/A K1 Visa Applicant." Thanks!