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  1. Yes my wife was issued a visa approximately 4-5 weeks after the stoke interview.
  2. Hello I hope anyone can share their experience. I attended a second interview in person (although consulate had offered to call) with my spouse. I believe this interview is what is referred to as Stoke Interview although the consulate officer said it was a marriage interview. I was asked to step outside while my wife was being interviewed. This took about 45 minutes and I was then called in and my wife was asked to step outside. I was interviewed for about 30 minutes going over our relationship info (how we met, when, etc). My spouse was then called in and this time we were both together. The office said that she had concluded her interview and will refer out case back to the visa department as they are responsible for making the final decision and do issue visas. She said that this is not a denial and consoled my wife who thought the first yellow form issued (221 G for Administrative Processing) was a visa denial. Based on VJ forums, I noted that folks were issued visa same day so not sure if it's because of the fact that it's a different consulate. Does anyone know if the folks doing the stoke interview are different from those issuing visa? Our interview was late afternoon so not sure if this also may be the reason why no decision was reached the same day. I will appreciate the input from member.
  3. Hello All. I decided to attend the stoke interview in person rather than getting a call. The interview went well and my wife was questioned for 45 min and I was questioned less than 30 min. The interviewer said that her department does not have authority to issue visa and their role is to do the interview. She said she will forward her case to the visa unit and assured us that it's not a denial. Does anyone have an idea what this means?
  4. Thank you. The embassy said I will be called and mentioned Kenya's time. I'm not sure if this means they will call my phone or I have to be present physically. This is in 10 days and I'm in the US. Do you know if the embassy call petitioner by phone?
  5. Thank you hope it goes well
  6. My spouse had her interview on April the case was moved to AP. We just received an email for a second interview and my spouse and myself are needed. Any ideas of what to expect in a second interview? I appreciate any information for those who are aware of such process as I don't know what to expect and want to be very prepared.
  7. Congrats Debkay. My wife had her interview on April and now she is in AP. I sent an email last week and was told that it can take up to 90 days or longer. So I guess they are taking their time and nothing I can do. I believe they may ask me to file a waiver due to my wife previous non-immigrant visa misrepresentation. I just hope they reach the decision sooner as waivers take up to 10 months to process. Do you know reason yours took 6 months in AP? Or they did not provide any answers?
  8. Hello All. My wife case is in AP and I suspect we may get asked to get a waiver due to misrepresentation in prior tourist visa (wife had indicated single when she was married). Not sure if I read recent posts correctly, are they now processing May 2016 submissions? How long does it take when they process May filing is it within the same month? This is really painful that approvals is taking this long.
  9. I don't think the purpose of this forum is to criticize people. It's obvious the level of difficulty for people is different and it's not cool to bash others just because they are trying to figure out a way to ensure a permanent stay. Your question is valid and eventually your spouse will relocate to the US and so allowing your visa to expire without considering all your options is definitely not an easy thing. There are legal options that allow you to buy more time and seeking an experienced immigration attorney will be wise. You should also reach out the the VJ member who successfully was able to manage this exact situation you are going through. Good luck.
  10. You are welcome and please ignore all the negative posts which I'm glad were removed by administrators. At the end of the day you make the decision that works for you. I understand how time consuming it is to file and eventually you husband could relocate back to US which means their is a chance of separation that is brutal. Seek legal opinion and buy as much time that will legally allow you to maintain your status. I wish you the best.
  11. Similar issue was addressed a few years back and good suggestions were made. I believe a member went to US and got her conditional green card and applied for re-entry permit which is valid for 2 years. Not sure how long your husband is going to be overseas but I think this options buys you some time.
  12. Thanks Ben&Zina. I know we definitely in tough spot and wished my wife never applied for the non-immigrant visa. I'm not sure why the consulate should not have asked us to file for waiver during the interview as it seems some VJ members have been told during the interview to file for the waiver. I know the I-601 waiver processing takes months and was hoping they made the decision during the interview. The consulate officer asked my wife for pictures (she asked for all 78 pictures) and social media communication. I sent an email to the consulate and they said it takes up to 60 days to complete AP review and could be even longer so I agree with your advise to seek congressman/senator help.