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  1. No,he didn’t filed i130,AOS and DS 260 with a domicile address, but filed out different addresses in the same city in USA which is not same as the address on his tax return,(i130 has different address in same city , tax return has different address in the same city too) Now also he has moved permanent to another city in USA.so which address can we use as US domicile ?
  2. Hi I have got checklist from NVC.My sponsor is my spouse and he is the petitioner only.He is in United States only.I am confused why did they sent this.Please help why this occurred. When reviewing your case, we noticed that your sponsor might not have a principal residence or be domiciled in the United States. A sponsor must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident who lives in the United States and plans to stay indefinitely. If your sponsor is living outside the United States temporarily, they must show: They left the United States for only a limited time, They intend to keep their residence in the United States, and Evidence of continued ties to the United States. You will need to bring proof of your sponsor's domicile to your visa interview.
  3. Married filing separately requires my SSN and other information.What should he write there?
  4. Hello Guys, Please help.My husband is a LPR and needs to file taxes for this year.He Petioned me in August 2016 and our I130 is in process and I am in India right now waiting for my priority date to be current.I have never been to US till now.We just want to know how should he file "Single" or "Married"? Please help.