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  1. Hey there, I got an RFE on my O1-B petition in February, the CSC received the response on April 8. It was a really short one, simply asking for the advisory opinion (my petitioner didn't submit one initially because they asserted there is no labor union for my field of expertise but didn't provide evidence for that). CSC received the favorable letter on April 8. After already having received a first RFE back in October which asked for more evidence on my extraordinary ability, several lawyers have told me that it's a good sign they've asked for the advisory in a 2nd RFE because it's very rare for USCIS to do that, and it seems like I've been able to satisfy all the extraordinary ability criteria then. However, I've been waiting for 82 days now to get a decision on my case. Petitioner submitted an inquiry which was completed on Jun 14, but we heard nothing else. WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?? Anybody else experienced this? I appreciate your comments.
  2. 2 RFEs for O1-B visa

    Hello, my O1-B visa petition has been exceptionally stressful and delayed, and I wanted to get some opinions/experiences/reassurance. I submitted my initial petition last August, and in October got a first RFE asking for more evidence about my press, organizations I've worked for in the past, and the events I'm going to do in the US. Sent in all the evidence such as more press, letters from employers and evidence about events. In total my petition is about 1,000 pages. Then in February, I got a second RFE which was asking for the advisory letter, because my petitioner asserted that there's no labor union for my field of occupation, but failed to provide evidence for that. In the RFE it actually said: "In general, O petitions must include 1)Copies of contracts, 2)a description of the events, 3)at least one consultation. To satisfy these requirements, you submitted 1)copies of letters of employment and contractual agreements, 2)documentation pertaining to the beneficiary's events." That means that they already acknowledge that I satisfy the other categories, right? We sent out the letter, which is favorable, last week, uscis received it on Saturday. SO: my question is: if uscis would not intend to approve me, they wouldn't bother about the advisory, right? Is this a good sign? Does it mean that they approve of my other evidence and just need the letter for formal purposes? My sponsor and lawyer is telling me I obviously have a very strong petition (1,000 pages!). Please respond in any way, as this whole thing just drives me crazy. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I received an RFE for my O1-B visa application, and my response has been sent out last week. In the online status check, there is no date specified as to when to expect a decision from USCIS. The problem with my case is that nobody knows if it is being treated in premium processing or not, because I started in regular but upgraded, however, my files got lost in the process, and after upgrading it took another 2 or 3 months to get the RFE. My agency keeps inquiring about it, but apparently USCIS takes forever to respond. Now I tried to find out if there's a difference for the online status "Response to RFE was received" for regular or premium processing, but it seems like in both cases it says "You should receive a decision or case update by *date*(..)", but it doesn't say so in my status check. It just says "(...)we will begin working on your case again. We will mail you a decision or notify you if we need something from you". That's it. Now my question is: for premium processing, do they just assume the 15 day timeline, and therefore are not specifying a date for when to expect a decision? Has anybody had that happen before? If you've filed a case in PP, did it not specify a date either? And also, am I eligible for a refund of the PP money? If so, how do I do that? Thanks in advance for your response and have a nice day!