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  1. I know, the wait is tough, especially with 7 months of nothing just to get to NOA2, and up to 8 more weeks after they receive it just to receive the case #. It's okay, we'll all get there, slowly but surely!
  2. Hmm. My approval date is 6/21 and NVC still hasn't received - the USCIS app doesn't even say sent yet. I am seeing 1-2 weeks for most people from NOA2 to case received by NVC, but NVC says to wait up to 6 weeks when I call.
  3. Hi! Happy to be joining this group after 7 months from NOA 1 to NOA 2. The waiting begins for a case number!
  4. If you look up your congressperson, either a Senator or Representative, you can file a case inquiry with their office. This is part of their job as an elected representative of you. You give them your case information and as far as I know, they will check on the status for you and in *some* cases, can speed up the process for you. This is one of the services that your tax dollars fund, so don't be afraid to use it! Go to your representative's website and they should have information about this. If not, call them. It should be totally free to you, and they should follow up with you fairly quickly.
  5. Yes - for example, my PD is 11/24, so until the date on that USCIS site (that currently says August 25 for Nebraska) is beyond November 24th, your application is technically "within normal processing times", and the USCIS will likely just tell you to call back. Hang in there
  6. Mine changed frequently as well. On my timeline it said May 27-June 3 or something like that, but I just got approved yesterday. I just checked the website I mentioned in my previous post and so it seems Nebraska is taking longer Until that date is past your PD, you cannot file an online inquiry with USCIS. Have you tried a congressional inquiry? I have friends who work for congresspeople and they have staff that are specifically dedicated to checking on visa processing. Good luck!
  7. PD 11/24 at Texas approved today! Hang in there everyone - good things are coming! If you check the USCIS processing times page, you can submit a formal case inquiry if your PD falls before the date posted: egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/. Just put in I-130 and your service center. Hope that helps. Good luck everyone!
  8. Still waiting - PD November 24 at TSC
  9. Congrats! I am at Texas with the same PD - fingers crossed!
  10. USCIS.gov is still working - do you know what the difference is? Sorry if I missed something.
  11. I saw in the USCIS app that someone with a PD of November 20th got approved yesterday (probably really Friday). Getting closer!
  12. I have the same PD in Texas as well - good luck!
  13. Not yet - I think it is still going to be a while. Unless I am misunderstanding your post, estimations I saw for adjudication for late November filers at least were not until June 2018 Hoping things pick up and approvals start happening faster for all of us! My receipt number is working on the USCIS website and the android app. I think the system was down this weekend when I checked, but it worked today. The status just says "case was received" on pretty much everyone's.
  14. I know this doesn't help your case at all, but I just wanted to tell you that you have a lovely story! I know how difficult it can be to wait - my husband and I just filed our I-130 last month. Good luck to you!
  15. I had the same thing happen! I called them and they said to wait 30 days for the system to update, and then call back if it doesn't. So frustrating! The system updated 7-8 days after I received the text/email. Meanwhile, the mailman "accidentally" returned my NOA1 to sender. Waiting for another copy :/ Hoping that doesn't slow us down! Good luck to everyone... the ~6 month wait begins!