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  1. Interview paperwork prep

    We got our instructions from the embassy in Dakar, Senegal. (YAYYY) I have a few questions on the paperwork prep as the petitioner helping out my beneficiary... 1. Does anyone know what this second fee is? 200 CFA is like a dollar. Maybe just a bank transaction fee? "You will need to pay the $US265.00 K-1 visa fee and the 200 FCFA “timbre fiscal” fee to the SGBS bank in Senegal." 2. Can we use the same passport photo for him that we did for the I-129F that I have saved as a jpeg? 3. He has committed no police crimes so he should go to the two places he's lived anyway and get some sort of documentation (police report) which would say?? No file on record? I don't get requesting a police report when you have had no crimes... 4. AOS 1-134: For income all I have are my wages, checking & savings accounts. Should I attach my tax return to prove income? Should I have an employer letter attached? I made a smidge above the 100% at $16,792, so should I get a joint sponsor or is that later at the adjustment of status? I could attach a letter from my new 2nd job to show from here forward I will be much more above that guideline (even 125% for the I-864) but I heard they want to see what you have earned, not what you will earn? My concern is, I know there are two opportunities to show income, is my $16,792 made last year enough for the interview? Or should I prepare more (add joint sponsor and/or proof of 2nd job)? Thank you for any advice! Amy