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  1. Good luck for the interview! They are very nice there.
  2. N-400 September 2016 Filers

    I brought everything they asked for, as well as my green card file [with updated info], just because they lost the copy of my birth certificate during my gc interview. I was nervous that history would repeat itself. Needless to say, it did quite repeat itself, but this time the IO couldn't find the copy of my name-chaned certificate. He found it eventually but I had extra copies anyway in my gc folder.
  3. N-400 September 2016 Filers

    My status hadn't changed. It was stuck at "my fingerprint was scheduled and the letter was mailed ....." until after my oath ceremony. I've been U.S. citizen since 12/21/2016 but my status, at the moment, is still "my oath ceremony was scheduled and the letter was mailed.....". I am done in believing in USCIS online case status update. So far, I got my passport, registered for vote, updated my SSN information, and moved to Germany. At the army base here, I was very nervous when they registered me because though I have my naturalization certificate, but my case online hasn't closed. The officers reassured me that it's ok because I have the certificate and told me not to worry about the online case status!
  4. N-400 September 2016 Filers

    When USCIS sent your fingerprint, they also sent your name [asking your name and other name used, e.g. maiden name, alias name, nick name, and such] along to FBI. FBI conduct your fingerprint check, name check, and background check. Fingerprint check always take about 24 hours to be cleared unless it gets hit if that applicant has a record. For name check, they run all your name listed on the application through their universal database. If the name doesn't get hit, it's cleared, which can take about 1-3 days. However, if the applicant has common name and his name get hit, they will have to do name check further manually. For this part, it can take 1 week to 1 year, as some applicants on another website were stuck in name check for a long while. Good luck and I hope you will hear back from USCIS soon.
  5. N-400 September 2016 Filers

    My friend got that one. According to her, she answered all.
  6. Hi, Does anyone here have their N-400 interview & oath ceremony in Pittsburgh, PA? How long does it take you from filing application until oath ceremony? Do they have same day interview & oath ceremony. I filed N-400 on 9.19 and got NOA receipt on 9/30 [they accepted my application on 9/23]. I just want to know the approximate time frame! Thank you!