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  1. Hi. Does anyone know specifically if the I-485 form needs to be filed in order to leave the country after marrying within the 90 day trial period? Whats needed to leave the usa? Is there anything else to do other than file the I-485 for example? Appreciate any help. Just want to be sure.
  2. Hi, does anyone know the restrictions on after the K1 is approved, leaving and re entering the united states during the initial 90 day period? either married or un married within that time. And if married and you leave, can you re enter easily?or do you need another visa? Thank you in advance for any answers. Thank you!!
  3. Hi and thank you in advance for any response. Having already paid and made the interview appointment, exactly how is the biometrics done and where? I know the medical is done one week before, but how does the biometrics fit in and they provide the finger printing service, correct? Also, the police report is something my fiancee simply can obtain on line? We don't want to go overboard and i see bringing the two 5x5 cm photos, passport, police report, and some items showing we are still going strong together to bring to the interview sufficient. They will have all the I-129 documents available? So if anyone has done this in brazil recently, we are just trying to confirm the small timeline we have left and not mess it up! Thank you!