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  1. Yes, we had problems before filling AOS n called to post office to fix it n then went there to check it out if everything is done. After this accident with NOA1 we went to asked why it was sent back n they could not explain it either.
  2. Thank You for yr help. I remember that in marriage pre-application i sign country of birth as Belarus but in marriage certificate it just "Anna from New York, New York" and it is not showing birth country. and when i try to feel this form online it let me choose state or country of residence. WEll i hope it is not a problem, thank u for help again =)
  3. Hello! We sent our AOS documents with advance parole and employment authorization to USCIS March 7. We have been waiting for our NOA1 letter about our paperwork. My husband by accident saw mailman n asked if it is something for us n he gave him letter for biometrics n said it was other emails on my name from them but he thought i am not exist n then it back to USCIS. So finally April 4 we got mail with appointment notice for biometrics (form i-485 and i-765) for April 20. We went to post office n they already sent it back n could not explain why they put other mails on my name in box but USCIS mails were send back. We was wondering where is other emails n called to USCIS to find out if they r returned. They said that we have to wait until they comes back coz they dont do copies. We checked our case status online n it says it already came back on May 25 and 27, that it could have serious affect on our case and we need to do chance of dress or ask them to resent them. I did form online to get them back n waiting for answer until May 24. When we called they said it is nothing we can do but send this form online n wait for answer on our request. Anyone had such problem before? I afraid that we might missed some steps. We did biometrics for i-485 and i-765. All we can do now is wait?
  4. hello, i am from Belarus n got to USA with k1 visa. we got married n already waiting for AOS. We got married in Nevada. I just noticed that Our marriage certificate says for example "Jonh from New York and Anna from New York". I think it is mistake. Is it have to be "Anna from Belarus"? i am Belarussian citizen n do not have green card or any residence status. If yes, we can change it now without affect on our AOS case? Thank you for yr help