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  1. Dude, Refugees dont even use passport to enter the United States. This is how I came 7 years ago and my wife had the same experience. No passport No visa. period.
  2. She cames as a regudee. She does not have any visa.
  3. Good Evening everyone, I am a U.S citizen and my wife is a refugee. I would like to apply for a Green Card for her. she has been in the states for 8 months right now. I am not sure how to fill up the form for her, because she is a refugee and married to a US citizen. Any thoughts ? or someone in the same foot Thank you for your input.
  4. Finaly after almost a year got the oath date 08.24.17 i cant wait to be over with the whole process.
  5. I got an update today that "oath ceremony notice was mailed" i checked my account online, still no pdf.
  6. This whole process is driving me crazy. I really don't understand why is it taking long to be scheduled for the oath especially for IOE case holder. Here is a December filer who had his interview today and got scheduled for the oath right away.
  7. Have you been scheduled for oath? I am still waiting...
  8. Yeah, i cant believe its going to be almost a year from out PD. i am planning on traveling too, but i am waiting to be done with this whole process first. thank you for the useful information. It seems its going to be a while.....
  9. I am based in Austin too. I had my interview April 13th, and my status did not change until yesterday. I got this message that I am in line for the oath ceremony. I wonder how much longer are we going to wait! It is taking forever
  10. During my interview, I updated my travel history. since I have made two trips after I filed my n-400 application. the officer asked me for the dates and how long i stayed outside the US. I gave her all the information that she asked and she displayed it in the Ipad and I signed it to verify. by the end of the interview she gave me a print out that say I have passes the test and my application is recommended for approval. The thing is it been more than a week and I did not get any update. my status still your "we scheduled an interview for your form n-400" Has anyone experienced such a thing? because normally people gets update right after the interview. I am little worried that there will be more delay in the process
  11. Have you tried talking to L2 officer ?
  12. Thank you txaim, did you get your interview appointment yet?
  13. Had My interview today. Total time I spent there was about an hour. Everything went smoothly. She told me she would recommend my application for approval. I asked her how long would it take to have the oath done. she said the average waiting time right now about two months. Good luck for you'll.
  14. Our cases are not at the same field office. You should not compare my case to yours. Each field office has different processing time. Just wait patiently.