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  1. My husband had his interview on April 7 at the Guatemala Consulate and they told him he need to see the psychologist about his DUI has anyone been Thur this process any advice would be appreciated
  2. My husband has his interview on Guatemala on April the 6th n they told him that everything is approved but then they said he need to see a psychologist due to his dui he had in Oregon has anyone been Thur this proccess in Guatemala
  3. So we have nov dec Jan feb n march 5mths
  4. No they didn't start working on my case right away they stating working on my case in October 2016 that's when April case were being processed
  5. Well it took 5mths cause on October 2016 they started working on April case yes the process did take 11mths which they were working on different case at the time
  6. It took 5mths for both of our waiver to be approved. When did you sent out your i212 ??
  7. Our waivers got received on April 4 16 at the Nebraska center n got approved on march 2nd 2017.
  8. Yes I applied for the I 130 n been approved in 2015 of march my husband already had his interview with the consulate of Guatemala on oct 2015 n they said that he need the waiver I 212 n I 601 both got approved.
  9. How long do they take to contact you
  10. Hi my husband waivers I 212 n I 601 got approved con someone let me know what's the next step??! N how long would it take for him to come back ???
  11. Nebraska Center

    Our waiver I 601 n I 212 got sent in the end of march at the Nebraska center n they received it on April 2016 n we re still waiting for a answer how much long do I have to wait my husband already had his interview in Guatemala already on oct 2015
  12. Nebraska Center

    Does anyone know what case are being reviewed at the Nebraska center ???
  13. Hi my i212 n i601 both waivers got send to the nebraska center the end of march and i got a letter saying that they received on April 4 of 2016 how long would it take for them to get them approved or when will i ge a response back. ??? I been checking on my case status online but it only say that my name been updated ...