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  1. Fiance's birth certificate - We had to get and use Age Attestation (born in 1975) Son's birth certificate - Already possessed officially version but did not take to interview because he is not traveling to US in next 2 years so we did not know we still needed to provide.
  2. This is from U.S. Department of State website regarding Birth Certificate. Alternate Documents: For people born prior to 1979 or in some cases prior to 1988, a birth certificate issued by a Local Government Authority or a hospital or a baptismal certificate is acceptable. There is also the National Population Commission Attestation of Birth Certificate issued to people whose birth occurred before 1979 when the National Population Commission issued birth certificate was first introduced as a pilot program. Any of these is acceptable.
  3. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. This time I may use a service or an attorney!
  4. No, you are not confused...I "sort of" said both. I noticed my fiance's birth year was incorrect and tried to have it correct BEFORE the interview with USCIS...then after interview with Embassy and DOS. ADDITIONALLY, At interview fiance received RFE because we did not know that we needed to provide HIS 5 year old son's birth certificate. I got that he could use Age Attestation from Nigerian filers on this and other sites. Read that if he was born after a certain date he would not be able to obtain an original birth certificate. Yes, we only spent 5 days together because as I explained I only had a week of leave from work. According to him, interviewer never questioned our relationship and did not look at correspondences or pictures.
  5. Thanks! Sorry I meant 1-129F was denied. No reason other than the expiration was given. According to him, the interview went well no additional questions asked or focus on anything. Just given RFE for son's birth certificate, which I did not know was needed since he will not travel here anytime soon (maybe not at all). He was asked for his birth certificate although we provided his Age Attestation which according to my research and what other Nigerians on here said is will suffice. The asked for photos and correspondence again but we had already sent at about 8 pictures and 40 pages of correspondence but I provided more. Also, his passport! His passport could be the issue because when he got ready to pay the interview fee at the bank he could not find his passport..he looked for 3 weeks and then had to apply for a new one. He submitted the new one along with court affidavit and police report about the last one. Our conversation and facetime was plenty but unfortunately because I only had a few days that I could spend off work and away from my pets, I only spent 5 days there. Yes, he proposed then. So, 5 months after we met, he proposed on first time together.
  6. Filed K1 Visa for my Nigerian fiance on 9/20/2016 and everything went smoothly but right before interview I realized that I typed his birth year incorrectly as 1976 but is 1975. I contact the USCIS and told to make appointment and bring copy of any birth certificate and passport. I go in and everything seems fine. 2/9/2016 my fiance has interview and receives RFE and we turn everything in as requested. End of February, I received notice from USCIS that this was incorrect place to correct birth year since it was already sent to Consulate, fix it with Department of State. I make contact and I do as told but several weeks later I am told this incorrect place. I contact Consulate by email and send them information about correction and copies of passport/BC and am just told case is under review. I watch and watch for something to happen but case remains under "Administrative Review" for months. I send emails for status updates and told to wait. Seems exceptionally long so I write again and told case has been sent back to USCIS. Well it takes 4 months or so to reach USCIS. Get update from online telling me to wait for a notice. Wait 60 days and email for status only to be told today THAT OUR VISA VALIDITY EXPIRED PLEASE FILE AGAIN. No reason why! I'm so dazed and confused right because it looks like it was expired by March. Why no contact and explanation? Have not even told my fiance..he has already been talking suicide since the long wait. I don't want to tell him the bad news!!!
  7. Fiance receives 221g denial...please help!

    Fortunately, the child's mother had the original birth certificate so my fiancé just got it from her. Sorry, I prefer not to upload it because it is not my document to share but on the top it says "National Population Commision" next line says "Certificate of Birth". So looks like the NPC is the place to obtain it.
  8. Fiance receives 221g denial...please help!

    His child is 6. He got his birth certificate today; so we are fine on that. Just didn't realize we needed it before.
  9. Fiance receives 221g denial...please help!

    Okay..thank you! You are the best!!!!
  10. Fiance receives 221g denial...please help!

    I'm back to being confused. Many people on this site says that all he will be able to get is the Age Attestation because of his age. He sent me picture of it and it is the original from NPC. He took this to his interview.
  11. Fiance receives 221g denial...please help!

    I see that it was not a denial but it sure felt like one earlier...I was stressed and distraught but I do now see that this are minor things that we can easily produce. Thank you so much for helping!
  12. Fiance receives 221g denial...please help!

    I did learn that he was interviewed by an interviewer who was flat out denying everyone and he only was told to submit more documentation..I'm starting to feel a lot better about our situation! Thank you...everyone of you have helped me learn what went wrong!
  13. Fiance receives 221g denial...please help!

    This is where he originally went but ended up going to High court for an affidavit and age attestation. I can't remember why though. I will ask him again. Thank you
  14. Fiance receives 221g denial...please help!

    Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. It was a "temporary" denial until these documents are filed and they can make a decision. I have been researching since last April and did not know his son's birth certificate was needed. We will attempt to get it but these things aren't easy in Nigeria. Getting my fiance to be expressive or talkative is difficult. From my take is that the interviewer asked about 5 questions, never asked for to see pictures and chats and we had plenty plus I front loaded so we had submitted pictures already and chats then. They gave him back his passport but kept everything else. I kept telling him to get copies of the police report of the stolen (or lost) passport but he never did but he has went for it earlier today. So I guess if we just find a way to get his son's birth certificate..maybe we will be okay.
  15. My fiance had his interview today (Feb. 9th) in Lagos and I thought he was well prepared as far as documents but he received a 221g Denial saying they need more supporting documents. Please respond if you can help clear this up for me cause I'm very upset and stress and can't think clearly. The form says he needs to provide the following: 1. Child's Birth Certificate - I wasn't aware he needed since child is not coming until later in the year. Today Fiance says he doesn't even want to bring him within year so now I need to figure out how to withdraw the son's name. 2. Copy of fiance's Birth Certificate - Fiance took original Age Attestation and they kept it along with all the other files. I told him to make a copy other day but I don't believe he did. 3. Copies of photos and correspondences - We provided 5 pictures and at least 20 pages of our chats but fiance said interviewer did not look at what he brought. 4. Old passports - This is biggest problem..Fiance lost or had passport stolen in November. We disclosed this on DS-160 and gave details. I'm not sure what to do cause it is lost. How can someone provide a lost/stolen document? Thank you for any suggestions in advance.