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  1. Hey there visa journey family , We got approved on Sep 14 San Salvador, us embassy exactly 1 year after our uscis PD, for all of you still waiting, hang in there I know it's though being away from our love ones but all of this waiting it's worth it , I will post the full review of the interview in a few hours thank you, y'all for everything. I'm just concernd about her A number to pay for her GC fee , at the end of the interview my wife was given a paper from CO saying if she wasn't enrolled in cargo espresso, ( where you pick up your passport ) please call to this number , do you guys know if they will give her the info the info when she get her passport ?? God bless you all !!!!!
  2. Denys/Alba/Yanes

    NOA1 will take 6 months...

    That same scenario happen to us , I send my I-30 around late July 2016 didn't get my noa 1 until September , but guess what my priority date is Sept 14 , i emailed uscis stating that more than 1 month has passed and we haven't received my noticed that was on Monday , by Wednesday they reply my email saying the have process my application that same Wednesday so our application was on the limbo for almost 2 months
  3. Got our interview date today Sep 14 , CC 07/25
  4. Got our CC yesterday scan date may 17 CC July 25 , thanks God this journey is almost over
  5. If your husband it's your sponsor( affidavit of support ) , he needs to cover all your expenses while your still have a GC 5 years , or when you become a Us citizen,
  6. I'll suggest you to go first to your SS office I won't take you long and then go ahead an do the passport because you have to send your naturalization certificate good luck and congratulations
  7. Yes u have to let them know that u are a USC now, bring your naturalization certificate to the SS office they will request it as proof if you change your name you will get a new card with your new name on it
  8. I'm really sorry for your long wait even though most of September fillers have been approved like myself , keep calling uscis ask for a tier 2 and ask about your case you probably will hear the same as always but let me tell you before I was approved I was calling them every other day making any excuse to speak to a tier 2 at the end of March we were approved Pd Sept 14 at Nebraska center keep strong
  9. People filing inside of USA , AOS
  10. I did the same process to get my wife ITIN, what you need to send is 2016 income tax paperwork with both signatures ( mine and hers ) Passport to proof the aplicant identity And a letter asking the Irs to treat you both as a us resident for taxing purpose dated full name of the us citizen social security number address and signed , include you spouse info as well instead of SSN ad the passport number but be sure to signed all the documents I got her ITIN letter in 6 weeks
  11. Denys/Alba/Yanes

    Tengo la tarjeta IR-6

    Violacion de libertad como ?? Pues la obtuviste casándose con un ciudadano ??? Si es así no hay nada que te pueda detener amenos que tengas un delito muy grave
  12. I was confused with my filling status, I discovered some research and read a couple of good guides you can get her ITIN number for me it took almost 1 month 2 weeks for the whole process it's not hard to do
  13. Denys/Alba/Yanes

    name was updated on my i130

    Did you find out why? i got the same update in my case idk why