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  1. I don't know if the time would be the same, but here in Philadelphia, I received my GC exactly a week after my interview. Interview on april 13th. Approved the same day. Received my GC on the mail on april 20th.
  2. Can you please tell us what papers did you bring to the interview?
  3. OMG !! Congratulations Lena!!! So happy for you time to celebrate!!
  4. Hey there, Please look at my timeline. I have my interview schedule for april the 13th and I am local to Philadelphia too. So you probably will be getting some new about your interview in the next couple of weeks.
  5. Glad to hear that your interview was easy. What type of questions did they ask you? Also, did your doctor forgot to fill in that part of the form or he did not test you for it?
  6. Hi Lena, So it is better to bring as many papers as you can. I have my interview scheduled for april 13th and I have been collecting everything, even furniture receipts that I bought with my husband. I am in a similar situation than your on regards the house. I am living at my In-laws second house but we are not paying for rent. So I asked my mother in law to write a letter stating that we are staying at her house and had that notarized. Also, there are a few banks such as capital bank that will not required you SSN to open an account. You can try to open the account, deposit some money, and ask them to write a letter stating the date, amount, and personal information from your wife and yourself. You can bring that letter to the interview since you will not have bank statements yet. Aditionally, if your wife is working, she can add you to her dental, vision, and health insurance. My husband did that right after we got married and we printed the temporary insurance card from the insurance website. Someone from Human Resources also wrote a letter for us saying that on date XX I was added to his insurance as his first dependent. So there are several papers you can gather in the meantime.
  7. Good Morning everyone, I'm one of the quite readers here. First, thanks to everyone who posted their updates and experiences weekley. It is nice to know that I am not the only person anxious and tired of waiting lol. Today I got and update for my I-485 application and I have my interview scheduled for April 13th. Does anyone have advice or knows someone who already went to the interview? I am trying to prepare for it the best I can and had gather several documents such as Utility bills, bank statements, receipts for furniture that I bought with my husband, gym membership, etc. But still, I would like to hear some opinions about it. Thanks guys, have a great day!
  8. Hello everyone! I just received a notification from the USCIS and my Interview for adjustment of status is scheduled for next month. Any advice from someone who already attended his/her interview? Any applicant in Phladelphia? I am already super nervous so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Hey guys! A little update: I just got an email from the USCIS and my EAD has been mailed today. I got my "card being produce" status changed last tuesday!
  10. lol I though the same thing! XD Anyway, did you call them to place an inquiry? .. I did that and the next day I got a notification stating that my EAD has been ordered
  11. OMG!!! I had no idea about this haha.. my license will expire on feb 20th and I was praying that my EAD would arrive soon so I can renew it. Thanks for the info! I'll go tomorrow to my local DMV
  12. Right! That is what I meant. You'll have to leave anyway.
  13. Getting married under a tourist visa is actually a violation of nonimmigrant status. So, you definitely did the right thing Your EAD will get approved soon . You'll see