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  1. Okay thank you. I think he was worried he would get arrested or something. I know someone who overstayed in Australia and she got a slap on the wrist and a 3 year ban
  2. Hi Guys, I have a friend here in a sticky situation and I am wanting some advice. He has overstayed his visa here so we wondered what would happen when he tries to return back to New Zealand? Anyone know of anyone in this situation, please share your experience!
  3. Just didn't know the process. I am not able to appeal the case. Very long and complex story. it says if i am placed in removal proceedings I can reopen the case.
  4. Yeah he has been handling my case as it is complex, waiting to hear from them in regards to the letter i got today.
  5. My adjustment of status was denied, so I wondered whats next and how long removal proceedings take?
  6. Right! Its beyond ridiculous hence why I got the Congressman involved. 4 Service requests with no response just wasn't cutting it!
  7. Ok, i am guessing this will slow the process down a whole lot longer now?
  8. What was your RFE? I just got told from my Congressman that i have an RFE however not sure what it is yet so im curious what they ask for
  9. Hi VJers! Its now 9 months and no EAD. I got this response from my Congressman who received it from USCIS. Thank you for your inquiry regarding this constituent’s immigration matter. Our records indicate that we are awaiting a response to our request for evidence (RFE) on the underlying I-485 application that was issued today, 12/19/17. Interim benefits, such as those applied for on Forms I-765 or I-131, are unable to be adjudicated while the underlying Form I-485 is held in suspense for the submission of initial evidence. Once we receive the response to the RFE, processing will resume on these cases. Your constituent should receive the RFE within 7 to 10 days. Please have your constituent follow any instructions on that notice and submit accordingly. Just wondering what possible evidence would they need and what does all this mean?
  10. Because I had rung a number of times and spoken with my attorney and apparently this is normal processing times in tampa at present however I am fed up with it so I decided to go to a higher party.
  11. Let me know how your appointment goes, they just told me to wait and didn''t give me anything else. It was very frustrating.
  12. Hi there - No RFE's requested. I have sent an Inquiry on the USCIS website today and also contacted the states congressman to see how that goes.
  13. My filing date was 5 may 2017 and still no EAD, 3 service requests and an infopass appointment and no response to any SRs.