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  1. Hi All, My husband got his conditional two-year green card last October. I know we have to apply 90 days in advance for the conditions to be removed before it expires. I have a few questions for anybody that had done the removal of conditions: 1) I read we need to show proof we spent "ample time together". I have copies of our leases (he was listed as tenant on the first one, we never updated it add him as a co-leaser), our bank statements, joint credit cards, our new lease that has both our names (moved to another state). old utility bills that have both our names, car insurance, saved cards from my family and even show he is the emergency contact for our pets. We are not picture people...either of us so nobody is taking selfies nor are we asking people to take our picture. I think we have 3 or 4 photos of us together the whole first year. I was wondering if i should stock on photos of us together in the upcoming year? We usually spend most of our time together at home since we are both homebodies and he's not a fan of my main hobby (horseback riding). 2) If we are assigned an interview, how will he be allowed to keep working if the interview is after his current two-year green-card is set to expire? Do they extend the green-card if we submit all the paperwork and are waiting on immigration to process the removal of conditions? Thank you for your help!
  2. Hi, do you mean Removal of Conditions? I believe this is done in the window period before the initial resident card expires?
  3. We got a notice of approval for my husband's I-485. It states we should get his permanent resident card within 90 days, however there is a disclaimer that although it has been approved they can still verify information. We are curious if this means there is still a chance we will get interviewed. We were under the impression they would do an interview first before they would approved an I-485 application. Just trying to sort it out what the next step is.
  4. Thank you for your replies. We were starting to expect that is is taking longer than 90 days right now for it to be approved.
  5. Hi, I was just wondering if people who submitted adjustment of status/EAD from the K-1 visa in earlier this year (February/March) are seeing it take closer to 90 days to receive their Employment Authorization? Our application was accepted March 23 for the EAD and my husband did his biometrics April 10 as a walk-in. We are still waiting and it is day 82. He called last week for an inquiry as to why we have not received it and they told us to wait 15 days for the answer for the inquiry! Is the USCIS just loaded with cases right now that is making the processing time longer? Just sharing your timeline would be helpful!
  6. Thank you for the replies. We did do his bio-metrics, so I now we just wait and wait.
  7. I was just wondering how long some people waiting until their was an update on their AOS on the USCIS website. My husband's AOS was accepted unto USCIS on March 27 and the EAD and Advance Parole show March 23. I know it has only been a month, but we were wondering how long people waited in general for an update. We are anticipating an RFE as I foolishly forgot to include my W-2s. My guess is that it varies base on the case and what processing center it was sent to. Heidi
  8. My husband's biometrics appointment was made during a time I am working. Instead of rescheduling, such as replying to the address listed on the receipt, I went onto INFO Pass and scheduled and appointment with the field office online. I am aware walkins can be done as well, but I wanted to secure a time slot that works with my two jobs. Will this cause any problems with his pending AOS by making an appointment in INFOPASS, or should I cancel the appointment and do a walk in?
  9. Hello. Today my husband I realized when we submitted his AOS paperwork, I neglected to include my W-2s for the 2016 tax return though I provided letters from my employers, pay-stubs and banks statements. My guess is we will get an RFE asking us to submit my W-2s and we should just wait for that. Any other advice anybody can offer? I am kind of upset, because now I know I may have delayed his EAD.
  10. Today my husband I realized I never sent in my W-2s with the tax return printout for his I-864. His paperwork is currently being processed. My guess is that we will receive an RFE asking for the W-2s and at this point we should just wait for it. Any other advice? Thank you, Heidi
  11. My fiance was verbally approved and handed a slip of paper saying he was approved on Feb 24th, but when we check the DS-160 status, it says no status and we only have his Application ID, we did not get a case number from the embassy! They kept all the paperwork, and it says his passport is currently with the embassy. Should we be worried, or are they slow to update as it is the weekend?