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  1. Thanks everyone! My husband doesn't want me to keep his last name after the divorce. So can i change my last name back to my maiden name after the divorce (after May this year)? because if I change my last name on driver's license and SSN card, I will have to change last name on the green card as well, I don't want to complicate things if not necessary. Or should I wait until I become a citizen? I'm very confused right now.
  2. My citizen husband filed for a divorce in January of 2017; he's dating another woman. We're not officially divorced yet (we live in PA). I just got news from the attorney who helped with my case that my application for 10-year green card has been approved and i should get the physical card in the mail within 60 days. Couple weeks ago, I found a new attorney who was going to help me with the waiver and we've been gathering evident to give to uscis that my marriage was legit. And she told me that she's very confident that my case would be approvable. But now that i got my 10-year green card, she said we don't have to file for waiver anymore. However, I think she should still help me notify uscis that my husband and I are getting a divorce so it'll be easier for me for when i apply for citizenship in couple of years but she told me to wait until i apply for citizenship. I don't get it. What should I do now? I still think I need to notify uscis after my divorce is finalized in May 2017. I don't want to get into trouble with uscis when I apply for citizenship or have my green card revoked because my marriage is legit.
  3. Hi everyone, I have different answers from my immigration attorney and an USCIS representative. My ex husband and I applied to remove my conditional residency status jointly in March 2016. We entered into this marriage in good faith and real. But he wanted a divorce in September 2016. We've been separated since September 2016. I think the reason he wants a divorce is because he met another woman and my neighbor has met her. Anyway, my attorney told me that as long as the divorce is not finalized before approval, i don't have to do anything. If it's finalized before approval then I can apply again as myself. But the USCIS representative told me that it's not when the divorce is finalized, it's when he files it. Please help. Thanks!