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  1. AdmiralAaron

    Immigrant visa

    Ah, I got it. You will be fine. I would bet the embassy will have your passport and visa ready for you. The agent us just trying to help you get what you need quickly and having you come back to the embassy to pick up your documents rather than mail them to you Congrats on the baby. My wife and I have been trying for a while to get pregnant..
  2. AdmiralAaron

    Immigrant visa

    One thing to consider is that most Airlines won't let a woman fly if she is past 36 weeks pregnant. So if she can't fly because of airlines rules and your child is born in the foreign country, you may need to file additional paperwork in order to leave the country with the new born baby, like proof it is your child (paternity test, etc). https://travel.state.gov/content/travel_old/en/legal-considerations/us-citizenship-laws-policies/citizenship-child-born-abroad.html
  3. OK, so in a nutshell, my wife came here on a K1 with her son. We were married within the 90 days. I filed the I-485 and advanced parole, but she has a family emergency and needed to return to Colombia before either of them have been processed. We tried doing an Infopass appointment and get an Emergency Advance Parole, but was denied as it is not an immediate family that has the emergency. (grrr.) This is very frustrating, she was all set for the AOS, but had to leave the country. We are very much in love and our US marriage is fully legal. She is also pregnant with my child.... So, right now, she has already returned to Colombia. I am starting the VISA process over under the I130 for both her and my step son. My questions are: 1. Since I already filed the 485, should I send in an official withdrawal of the 485 for both of them? 2. Do I need to withdrawal the original K1 Visa???? 3. On filing the new I130, I am including a letter outlining the situation but realize it will take another 12-15 months to get them approved. Is there any other options that the community knows about??? Any Help please
  4. I am not going into details about about why this happened, but my wife was in the US on a K1 VISA. We were married and I filed for AOS AND AP at the end of August. She and her 7 years old son HAD to return to Colombia and could not wait any longer for the AP. Yes, I tried to do an emergency AP with an Info Pass appointment and was denied. They are gone, back in Colombia now, I can't change that. I know that since she left without the AP and before the AOS was completed, she can not return to the US. So, I am starting the process of CR1 now for both of them. My question is, do I need to file a withdraw of the current i485 or will it conflict with the new i130 process I am beginning now. If I have to withdraw it, how do I do that???
  5. I filed the I-131 (advanced Parole) for my wife in mid August, with the normal 90days wait times sufficient. But her father's health has taken a turn for the worse and I need to get her and her son back to Colombia sooner. Is there any reason why I can't schedule the info pass appointment at the local office or would that impact the current i-131 that is already somewhere in process??
  6. Can I send them both in the same package? Can I schedule them for interviews together? Or is EVERYTHING going to need to be done separately?
  7. So even though they both came together on the 129, I have to do 2 separate 485 for each of them. My step son is only 7.
  8. LOL.. OK you guys got me confused... I filing both the 485 and 131 at the same time. My step son came in with her on the original 129.. Why do I need to file AOS separately for each of them? The $1140 fee is only for my new wife? Do I have to include additional fees for the biometrics for her too or is the $1140 cover everything?
  9. Filing for AOS for my new wife and step-son. I have got them both listed in the i485, he is listed as her child. I am filing a I131 as well. Question is do I need to file a i131 for each of them or just one for her???
  10. AdmiralAaron

    Questions about I-134

    easy answers first. -Put the A number of your fiance in the Part 2 area. - Only list the children that are coming to america with her would be my gut, but if you put both of them in the original I127 document than list them both. For your annual income, put your projected income for this year. The tough part is not having a 2016 year tax return. Without that, I fear you may encounter an issue. You will definantly needs all of the letters from your employers. Also, get them copies of every pay stub for the last 12 months along with all of your bank statements. In these interviews, all they are doing is going through a checklist. and marking off that you have the requested documents. If you bury them in documents they will be happy. But again, not having the 2016 tax return could be a problem. Give them your 2015 tax return and than any kind of proof f income from your time working in colombia. Good luck
  11. Another note of interest. When you do all of your scheduling on the phone, they will create you an initial account for the embassy website https://ais.usvisa-info.com/. The account that they create is an "Immigrant VISA" account (which again makes no sense). You can then do a password reset using the email address that you gave them over the phone and have access to everything on the website (interview dates, printing instructions, etc).
  12. When she called to schedule the medical, they asked her for the date of her interview, then they set her appointment 1 week before that. She saw Dr. Dennis. I think this is part of the doctors process for VISA medical exams and can be different for other doctors. Dr. Dennis's office required us to give them the interview date and then set the appointment 1 week prior. In addition to the doctor himself, you need to schedule the exams at the Laboratory for blood work and X-rays. She was able to do the Lab work first thing in the morning then met with the doctor that afternoon. The Doctor's office is across town from the Lab so be sure to give your self appropriate drive times. She also said she really liked Dr. Dennis and that his office knew exactly what she needed for the VISA process medically. It went very smoothly for her.
  13. Hi, Just got VISA approval today!!!! So, follow the K1 guide on the site. Wait 2 weeks after you got your NOA2 then call the NVC and ask for the "Case Number" (BGTXXXXXXX) and the "Invoice Number". You will need these later in the process. Then I went off script from the K1 guide. Each Embassy is a bit different in their operations so this worked with Colombia Embassy but may not work at a different one. I sent an email to the embassy IV, Bogota <IVBogota@state.gov>. My fiance had moved since I had done the original i-129 so I wanted to give them the new address, because everything talked about them mailing you the packages, etc. Well they replied back in a couple of days asking me for her email address and they would send EVERYTHING to her via email.... SCORE! So they sent all of the information, including scan copies of my approved i129 (you need it for the interview.). I have attached the instruction packet they sent for you. This gives you all the info you need. You can go to the Embassy website and complete the DS160 for her and any of her children then you will get an email with the confirmation of the and the actual DS160# AAXXXXX. Side note, DS260 is for the I1VISA, NOT the K1 VISA. Make sure you are filling out the DS160. When you call the embassy, you will need to give them the case number and the DS160 confirmation number for each of them (if she has kids). Then they will send you to the automated payment system to make your payment via credit card. You will get an email with the payment receipt. Then call back in and talk to the scheduler. You will schedule 2 appointments. The first one is for the Bio metrics (fingerprinting) and the second is for the interview itself at the Embassy. These can be done within a week to a day of each other. The medical examines you have to be setup directly with the doctors. Find the doctors listed at the bottom of the instructions packet I attached. After the doctors appointment itself, she will have to return to the doctor 3-4 days later to get the results and the paperwork to take to the interview. If she has children, they will need to undergo a TB test as well. In all I spent around $600 USD just in the medical tests. Have these done 1-2 weeks before the interview. The appoint went very smooth today, because we had all of the paperwork done and organized. For us as the petitioner, we have to sign the affidavid of support and include our last year tax returns, w-2 and 12 months of paystubs. That was a hassle to put together, but once I had it, it was no problem. Hope this helps! -Aaron Espanol_K Paquete MAR 2017.pdf
  14. Just had the worst 2 hour experience. I have been trying to figure out how to pay the MRV (sp?) fee for my K1. BTW it is $265 per person, meaning that finance and child is $530. Anyway I called the embassy phone line. (703-249-4652) to figure out how to pay the fee. After giving them the information, they tell me the reason I can't pay the fee online is that I registered them as "immigrant" and not as "non-immigrant". The idiot on the phone (her name was Tina btw), said I had to start all over again and reschedule all of my appointments (uh-oh). THEN she deleted the accounts for my fiance and son and hung up on me. Sure enough, I tried to log back into the system and my fiance's account is gone. So I am frantically trying to create the account as a "non-immigrant". As the rude person on the phone instructed, I went to the webiste and choose the "non-immigrant" option. Once it gets to the part where it want to know what type of "non-immigrant" visa I need, I select the K1 (see the attached file non-immgant.jpg) When I hit "continue" it then takes me to the "Immigant Visa" website and instructs you to log in..... (see attached K1selected.jpg). This is exactly what happened originally, So I try to outsmart it. Since I already have the DS-160 confirmations, I tried the option on the non-immigrant website that shows I have the DS160 but need to apply for the VISA. Then it asks me for what category of non-immigrant VISA do I need to apply for. Guess what.. THE K1 is NOT listed as a non-immigrant visa. Here is further proof. https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-co/niv/information/visa_categories You will not find the K1 listed here, because their website classifies the K1 as an immigrant VISA (wrongly I might add), so when you go through the process on the website, it takes you into the immigrant Visa website and go through the process. The problem here is that for immigrant Visas, there is no fee to pay. See the problem.... So my appointments just got canceled 5 days before them and I am now thinking I have to cancel flights already scheduled for my fiance to go to the interview. Luckily I was able to call back in and get someone else on the phone that was able to rebuild new accounts for them and reschedule the interview and bio metrics for the original days. This could have been a massive disaster if I had not pursued this payment. I was not even sure I had to pay it, as the website let me go through the whole process and schedule the appointments without paying any fees. I have a feeling it is only Colombia's embassy that is screwed up, so if you are going for the colombia Visa be careful. My advice is once you have the DS-160 completed with confirmation, do everything else via telephone (703-249-4652) (pay the fee, scheduled the appt, etc.). Their website is screwed up AND they don't care.
  15. When I filed the original I129f back in November, I paid the $365. Now when I received the packet from the embassey, it said I had to pay a $365 fee before I can schedule the interview. Is this the same $365 fee I already paid or an additional fee??? I was able to schedule the interview no problems and I looked around for the a way to pay this fee, but could not find it. I am confused. If I HAD to pay the $365 upfront at the time of i129f why would they ask for it again. If I had not paid it, my application would never have made it to the embassy in the first place...