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  1. My wife 2016 Tax return if after processing can only take care of two dependents(I and my wife only)
  2. My wife just stated the processing ans filing of the 2016 Tax and the parents are not listed there. I do not know how long it will to take for the 2016 Tax Transcript to come out. Then for answer to your question, in the affidavit of support, it is only I and my wife that is listed there (2 dependents). We cannot wait for the 2016 Tax Transcript to come out before we respond to the RFE. I have agreed to write a Cover letter and add it to the 2015 Tax Transcript but still worried if USCIS will honor it ? Also, from the analysis of my wife 2016 Tax return that is still in process, the income there can only take care of two dependents (I and my wife).
  3. I have heard what is being suggested. Why I am thinking submitting the requested 2015 Tax return with a form I-864 is to avoid a 2nd RFE. This is because a 2nd RFE will add to more delay of processing time of my application. As my wife, who is the sponsor is pregnant and her due date is getting close. Therefore, I really need to get my EAD and start work to enable me pay our bills when she put to bed.
  4. Hi Forum, I actually filed for Adjustment of Status on January 25, 2017 but was received by USCIS on January 27, 2017. My priority date is June 27, 2016. This is because I have an already approved I-130 that has a priority date of June 27, 2016. I have received NOA's from USCIS in February 9, 2017 and have also gone for biometric on March 6, 2017. Then on March 16, 2017 I received a Pink-Coloured letter from USCIS that is asking for 2015 Tax Transcript from my wife, who is my sponsor. My wife 2015 Tax Transcript has 2 dependents on it (Her parents). Now the problem is this, I am thinking if we submit it. USCIS will say that my wife income will not be able to sponsor me and will end up issuing another RFE. This is because her income in the 2015 Tax income Transcript can only take care of one dependent (That is I and my wife). I am in a very difficult situation and do not know what to do over this. Getting a joint sponsor has been a very difficult issue for me. Though my wife's parents are in her 2015 Tax Return but currently she no longer take care of them. They no longer live with her. They are now living with her elder sister. Your advise is highly needed and will be appreciated. Regards all
  5. Hi Suss&Camm, Thanks for your response. I have gone through the link but I am still confused. Does it mean that in my case, USCIS will be using the I-130 priority date to judge my case ? And if that is true then my Priority date is likely to be current be in a month time from what I saw on the current processing time of the USCIS office that is handling my case.
  6. Hi Forum! Hope everyone is doing great. I have asked questions weeks ago and was replied. I thank everyone on that. I have an already approved I-130, Notice of Action Letter with a Priority date of 06/27/2016. The I-130 was filed in June 2016 and was approved in December 2016. Then on 01/25/2017, I filed I-485 and I-765 to Chicago Lockbox. It was received by USCIS on 01/27/2017. Days later I received Notice of Action on the I-485 and I-765. What surprises me is that the Priority date on the two notice of Action letter is priority date of my already approved I-130, which is 06/27/2016. I am asking if this is normal ? I explained to a friend and he told me that there is something USCIS call "retention of priority dates" He went further to say that he thinks it was applied on my I-485 and I-765. For more clarity I am adjusting from B2 Visa and marriage based. My dear wife is a U.S Citizen. Please, does anyone know about this and if such is true ? And if that is true what does it really mean. Anticipating our responses Regards
  7. Hi All, I applied for Adjustment Of Status and work Authorization (I-765) from B2 Visitor visa. I have an already approved I-30 before applying for the Adjustment of status. The I-485 and I-765 was received on 01/27/17 and NOA also sent to me on 01/13/17 through email and regular mail. I am now waiting for my Finger Print appointment. However, I am thinking of seeking for expedited processing on my I-765 (Work Authorization). This is because my wife, who is a U. S Citizen is pregnant now and her due date is coming closer. She is the only one working. I am not working because I do not have work authorization to work. As She might soon stop work as her pregnancy nears her due date. If she stops work, I am wondering how we can pay our bills since I am still waiting for the Work Authorization to be approved. This is to say that it has become paramount for me to have a work doing before she stops work and prepare to put to bed so as to enable us take care of our family bill. Please, can I use the above reason to seek for expedited processing for my I-765 (Work Authorization) ? I am really confused if USCIS will see this as an urgent/cogent reason. Any useful advise from the members will be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. January 2017 Filers

    I have received emails/Text messages last night being 2/9/2017. I am adjusting from B2 visa to permanent residence. I am a Spouse of a U.S Citizen. My petitions was submitted on 1/25/2017, delivered on 1/27/2017. I will keep posted on further information.
  9. Hi Scandi and everyone, I am glad to inform you that I have received NOA on emails/text messages. These can last night being 2/9/2017. The emails and messages contain my receipt numbers and stated that I will receive form I-797 through mail within the next 7 - 10days. I thank God immensely and hope that all works well.
  10. It depends on which USCIS office that you sent your petitions. If you send your petition to a USCIS Lockbox office then you will receive a receipt notice on email/text message (Assuming you submitted Form G_1145) after 10 working days USCIS received your petitions. If your petition was sent to a USCIS service center then expect to receive your notice of action in 30days. For Instance mine was submitted on at Chicago Lockbox on 1/25/17 delivered on 1/27/17 and I just received email/text message on yesterday being 2/9/17.
  11. Hi Scandi, I actually read what you stated and I understood them. I thought by now they must have accepted my application package. One of the reason I keep getting worried is that I have read some people timeline saying that they received acceptance notice 6 working days from the day their application was received. I equally just read on timeline that stated that his application was sent on 1/30/2017 and he got email/text message on 2/2/2017. However, I believed what you stated and I am hoping and waiting for a positive news from USCIS.
  12. Hi, Many thanks to you over the response. I submitted my applications at the Chicago Lockbox. From what I read on USCIS website it states that applications submitted at any Lockbox office takes only 10working days to receive a hard copy receipt notice through mail while email/text message takes 24hrs to be received after acceptance. I also read from the same USCIS website that it can only take up to 30days to receive a receipt notice for applications filed at USCIS SERVICE CENTERS. These are the reason I am greatly disturbed. More advise on this can will be appreciated from anyone who have had experience or know much about this situation.
  13. Hi all, Thanks to everyone and I really appreciated the way members takes time to read and comment on other members immigration processes I submitted my I-485, I-765, I-864, I-693, G-325A, G-1145 with an approved Notice of Action for an already approved I-130. I mailed the whole package together as one package to Chicago Lockbox on 01/25/2017 through usps. The tracking number showed me that it was delivered on 01/27/2017. Till now I have not received any receipt notice either through email or text message or through postal mail. I have also tracked the money order I sent along but still have not been cashed till today. I am really worried about this because from what I read from USCIS WEBSITE I should have received email/text message within 24hours after acceptance. Then the hard copy notice of action is supposed to arrive 10 working days after application is accepted. Today 2/7/2017 made it exactly 10 working days my Application was delivered but I have not receipt anything from USCIS. I am really worried over this. Please, if there is anyone that have any advice for me on this I will appreciate a lot. My adjustment of status is marriage based. I am a Husband of US Citizen and my adjustment is from B2 visa to Permanent residence. Waiting for your kind responses/comments or advice.
  14. January 2017 Filers

    Hi, I am equally a January Filler. I submitted my Adjustment of Status Form on 1/25/2017 and it was delivered on 1/27/2017. Today is exactly 10 working days that it was delivered but I have not received a receipt notice from USCIS. I sent my application to Chicago Lockbox. I am very much worried now. Have you received anything from them since you filled your?