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  1. Hello - how did your interview go?

    1. reuben44


      Hi chamma,

      My wife attended the interview today and our visa got approved. It was a simple process. She read the embassy reviews on visajourney before the interview and she said it was really helpful. They infact asked the same questions found in the embassy reviews. Nothing to worry about. Goodluck

    2. chamma


      Many Congratulations!! So she attended the interview alone?


      Would it be too much to ask  for a detailed review? :D 

    3. reuben44


      Yes chamma. She attended alone. I have posted a review (Check my timeline)

  2. Congrats. I called today morning and got mine too. Good luck
  3. Got my interview date scheduled (June 30, Mumbai). CC (May 3, 2017)
  4. Got the CC email today just like you. Called NVC yesterday morning and they have not scheduled an interview and told me the same thing. Hopefully we will get out interview scheduled this week. Iam planning to call them tomorrow morning and Friday evening
  5. I am also waiting for the case complete email. CC 05/02/2017
  6. Mine is Mumbai too. I am planning to call them Friday evening and I will keep you posted.
  7. The AOS section is still there. The NVC rep said the case was completed today morning and I called at 8.30 am EST. I think their website syncs with their internal database only few time a day. I think my status will change later today and I will post the screenshots then.
  8. Thanks Zaib212. Scan date was Feb 23
  9. Checking in. Case complete 05/03/2017. Waiting for the interview date.
  10. Thanks Tanish. You should also hear from them this week since your case is under review. Goodluck Thanks JBMG. My ceac.state.gov status still says "Submit documents". I think their website lags behind by a few hours. I will post the screen shots after my ceac status changes to "At NVC". Goodluck Thanks PP_2016. Good luck on your case
  11. Just got off the phone. Case Complete 05/03/2017 (Scan date - 02/23/2017).
  12. Those dates were just my assumption. Hopefully they should be done with Feb scan dates soon. Goodluck
  13. I called NVC twice today and both reps said our case is currently in the review department. I think they are actively reviewing cases from Feb 15 - 25 now. Hopefully we should hear from them this week. Good luck Scan Date - 02/23/2017
  14. I saw someone with 02/16 scan date with CC on CR1 timelines http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?cfl=0&id=227728