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  1. Anyone has luck getting a B2 interview in Russia?
  2. Calls to Ukraine From USA

    Why would you pay for calls? Just use Whatsapp or Telegram. My wife talks to her mom everday in Russia on Whatsapp for free.
  3. Ok thanks guys! Just wanted to make sure if I wait a couple more months I will be ok. We travel within the US but don't plan to leave the country.
  4. (I have already done a search as this has been asked many times but wanted a current update.) How long do I have to file AOS after K1? We were married within 90 days and she already has her SS card but I haven't put everything together for AOS yet. Its been 6 months since we were married. Am I ok to file AOS in a month or two? Life has just been hectic and I haven't had the time or money to put everything together to file - I'm also concerned because I started a business and its been up and down profit wise so not sure how to handle that as far as showing support income. Do they go on last years tax return not current income?
  5. I've been waiting for about 5 months for a B2 interview slot for my mother in law - seems like they will never have slots. Anyone else waiting on this? I've been using the gofortravel.ru website which has been really helpful as they check for slots every few minutes but it seems Moscow just isn't doing tourist visas anymore. I suppose the current politics is to blame. Ridiculous!
  6. Medical exam- sputum test

    Yes they keep the passport while you wait. You basically have to wait until its finished then go pick it up.
  7. Thanks very much for that link, I signed up for their notification as they are checking for slots every 10 minutes. It appears there are no slots countrywide and when they do open its only 4-5 and they are gone within minutes.
  8. I checked every location in Russian and none have available appointments. Contacted the embassy and they had no information. Guess I will keep trying.
  9. Hey guys, I am assisting my mother in law with her B2 visa to come from Moscow to visit and the embassy is currently showing a 5 month wait time for interview. That is crazy! I have been checking for 2 weeks and it just shows "no interview dates available at this time". Anyone know whats going on? It doesn't usually take that long as far as I know.
  10. What kind of price did you pay? She has shoes and clothes she wants to send but I have no idea what its going to cost me to send from Moscow to Vegas.
  11. Update: so my fiance brought several bags of luggage but still wants to send for the rest of her clothes. Is EMS the best option? Does Meest ship from Russia to the USA? I checked their site and it looked like they ship TO Russia but not from - also seems very expensive ($190 for 50 lbs).
  12. Yes if you haven't applied for the K1 yet you may get it.
  13. Yes we tried and they denied it due to pending K1. Better off not wasting the money.
  14. Medical exam- sputum test

    Hey guys, how did you know when the passport was available for pickup? I have it set for pony Express pickup after the med results but I'm not sure how I know it's been delivered.
  15. I did a DS-160 when we tried to do a B2 a few months ago but it was denied due to the pending K1, still has the same old confirmation number on it. I did update it to the correct number on the usatraveldocs profile so I'm hoping that will be ok. There doesn't seem to be a way to get a new appointment confirmation to print out.