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  1. LONDON Medical Examination

    Had my medical in London in July 2016. The doctor did look, for about a second. There was no touching and no commenting! All in all it wasn't any bother to me.
  2. Exactly the same happened to me, the advice you've been given here is correct. File I-90, go get a stamp in your passport at an Infopass appointment and wait. It's a pretty long wait though! I'm up to 190 days since I returned mine and i'm still at "Case Is Being Actively Reviewed by USCIS". I've read it can take six months to a year to get the card back, and a part of me expects it to be returned with another error on it to be honest! You're also right about what a great resource this website and community is. I can see how people would just think they had lucked out and keep the card, never think about it again, until they encounter problems further down the road. I initially tried to call the customer service line for advice on if this was a mistake or not, and was told that it was ok, relax! Keep the card! Luckily, the VJ education I have received knew this was bull!
  3. Because it all happened so close to the date we were traveling (I got my GC far quicker than expected, was planing on traveling on AP when the incorrect GC randomly showed up one day) I didn't actually have the receipt when I went in for the appointment. So, I took copies of the completed I-90 form, copies of back and front of my GC and a certificate of postage from the Post Office. They were able to look in the system to verify my I-90 had been received. I was honestly expecting it to be a big ordeal, but they seemed like they dealt with it all the time, gave me a stamp valid for a year and sent me on my way. Travelling using the stamp hasn't presented any problems yet either.
  4. I actually made the Infopass appointment and got a stamp before my biometrics appointment as we were traveling to the UK during August.
  5. Just a quick update, as of today I'm still waiting. I had my biometrics done again back in September and since then have been at the status of "Case being actively reviewed by USCIS". Total days so far - 159. Hope everything runs smoothly for you Barbie.ness, good luck and happy new year!
  6. Hi, on one of your posts, you noted that you had to return the green card because USCIS made a mistake.  I am in a similar situation, because my wife's green card came with the wrong birthday.  USCIS admits to the mistake and wants me to fill out a i-90 and the i-912 fee waiver form.  When I try to fill out form 912, it does not list a basis that is appropriate for my situation and I don't have any financial hardship.   How did you fill out the form....I assume you also did.  Thanx for any help.



    1. Markip1


      Hi John, 


      I only sent an I-90 I'm afraid. That was what the USCIS customer service operator I spoke to told me to do. Nothing was mentioned about a fee waiver form so I never sent one. My application was accepted yesterday without one. 


      If I remember correctly the I-90 form actually states that if the mistake is USCIS's fault then you don't need to pay. Nothing is mentioned on there about I-912, if I'm recalling right. 


      If the fault was USCIS and not yours, I'd just send the I-90 with a cover letter setting out the situation, that's what I did in fact. 


      I hope that helps! 



    2. BlueEcho


      Ok, great!  Thank you.



    3. babu_dandewala


      Hi John,


      did this get resolved and if yes, how long did it take? We are in a similar situation and wanted to know the timeline of resolution. 




      Babu Dandewala

  7. Hello! I recently sent back my conditional permanent resident card back to USCIS (to the Phoenix lockbox) with an I-90 form, as it was produced with errors. I had an email from USCIS earlier saying it has been accepted and forwarded to Harrisonburg Storage Center. I've not heard of Harrisonburg Storage Center before so wondered if anyone else has experienced similar and this is normal, or is my application going to get stuffed in a box and placed on a dusty shelf somewhere!?
  8. This was true for us as well. It took about thirty seconds online, no SSN needed.
  9. Problems getting work in the US

    Glad to hear it, good luck with the interview, let us know what develops.
  10. Problems getting work in the US

    Have you considered registering with any temp agencies, if you have any in your local area? I applied to so many jobs without much luck as soon as I got my EAD. I was full of excitement when it first arrived, but it ended up getting pretty disheartening to put effort into so many applications and never hear back from most of them. However, within a week or two of registering with an agency I had a short term placement in my field. I approached the short term job in two ways 1) a great chance to get some of this 'US work experience' mentioned above, and 2) as a kind of working interview. It worked out well as my short term role ended up turning into a long term role. The other option is to see if there are any opportunities to volunteer in your field, although clearly that has the drawback of not resulting in any income!
  11. Congrats! We didn't have to interview either...which was great...except they sent through the greencard with a ten year expiry date instead of a two year date, so that had to be returned. Doh!
  12. Thank you, I think I will head to the infopass appointment and get the I551 stamp in my passport. I'll follow the I90 instructions I have too, and hope for the best!
  13. Thanks for your reply, I'm interested in what makes you say that? Everything I have read states that K1 visa holders adjusting their status will be issued a two year conditional greencard if they have been married for less than two years. The only thing that the USCIS officer I spoke to on the phone yesterday seemed certain of was that it was an error. Sadly, he didn't have much in the way of helpful suggestions as to how best to fix the error! As great as it would be to have been granted a ten year greencard, I really don't want this to come back to bite me in the butt in the future...
  14. Hello, So my greencard card arrived this week, which was great except it had been issued incorrectly. It was issued with an IF1 category and a ten year expiry date, instead of having a two year conditional date and a CF1 category. We were only married in December 2016 so I know this is a mistake. I made an Infopass appointment to get an I-551 passport stamp on the recommendation of another forum user, and managed to get one in two weeks time, but I am wondering if I should send back the greencard and the I-90 form prior to the appointment, or keep hold of it, take everything along to the appointment and turn it in there. On the one hand I don't want to give up my proof of residency, but on the other I don't want to get to the appointment and have them refuse to stamp my passport with an I-551 because i haven't submitted an I-90 yet. I tried calling USCIS but they weren't too helpful! Anybody have any experience in this area? Thank you!
  15. Second recommendation for this location. I went this morning at 9am for my vaccinations to be transcribed onto a I693 form and was out within an hour. Cost was $60, the staff were very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. There was no pressure to undergo another medical, they knew exactly what I needed and were professional and speedy in their care.