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  1. Old passport returned?

    Yup, I'll call them to ask. I'm thinking that maybe they kept it because of that J1 visa (questions were asked during the interview about it) and yeah, that fact that it's an expired passport anyway. I still have all of my other expired passports. DFA would always return it after renewal so I'm pretty sure our government has no interest in keeping them. Anyway, thanks for the insight. I'll call them on Monday
  2. Old passport returned?

    Thanks Sagot!
  3. Old passport returned?

    Sorry, let me just make it clear. It is an expired passport with an expired J1 visa. Reason why I was looking for it is because I wasn't able to keep a copy of the pages with stamps and visas. I will be applying for a Schengen tourist visa later this year and they usually ask for travel history (and submit pages of previous visas issued/entry-exit stamps). I know it's not really a big deal (since I'll be a green card holder by then --- though that doesn't really guarantee anything) and it's a minor requirement but I guess I just want to have at least a copy for my records.
  4. Old passport returned?

    Hi all, Anyone here who submitted their old passport with expired US visa during their interview? Consul who interviewed me took my mine (expired J1 visa) but it wasn't returned in the visa packet I received today. Thanks!
  5. Done with my interview today and I was approved. Pre-screener asked me where's my husband and told him he's in the US. No further questions asked. American consul did not even ask me.
  6. I just read your other thread so let me just add this here: For my visa interview, we prepared two sets of I-864 forms. One set is with our joint sponsors (i-864 and i-864a) and the other set is my husband's i-864 form indicating only his current income for the year. We did it this way so just in case the Consul (by some luck) decides that my husband's income is enough (even if he just started working this year), we have the correct form prepared. But like everybody says, it would really depend on the Consul and your situation. It's different for everyone. Best to do really is to look for another joint sponsor. Also, the income that they look at is your current expected income for the year from your job. Tax transcripts and paystubs are a way for them to verify if you are indeed earning that much and able to maintain. So even if you earned less last year, with a new and higher paying job this current year you could meet the requirements.
  7. We did that. My husband filed DCF here in Manila and left just right after our petition was approved. When we submitted our petition, we asked the lady at the DCF counter if he can leave for the US after filing the petition and she said it's fine since his physical presence is not needed for my visa interview (assuming petition is approved). We delayed my visa application for a bit because he wanted to get a job first before my interview. Regardless if he's still in the Philippines or in the US with or without a job, all DCF filers are required to have a joint sponsor (somebody correct me if I'm wrong here). I personally think that it would help the application if the petitioner is already in the US and with a job because that would establish domicile in the US and you would eventually do it anyway, so why not sooner? In our case, my husband left early so he can prepare for me and my daughter's arrival. Although technically with his job now he meets the income requirements, we still asked my in-laws to be our joint sponsor for the application. My interview's on april 4 so I will let you know how it goes (if you're still unsure). Frankly, I never thought it would be a problem until you brought it up
  8. It would be nice if she can finish her first grade here and give her additional time to say goodbye to her friends and adjust to the idea that she'll be living in the US. Moving is a huge change for her too. But I also hate the feeling of being away from my husband and would want my family to be together asap. ? My husband already left too, to give him time to look for a job, get settled and prepare for me and my daughter's arrival. Can't help with your CR2 question though. My daughter got her US passport thru CRBA. But I also have questions about i-864 ? Maybe if we can all post our questions here, we can help each other out (or somebody else who had gone thru the same thing might) ?
  9. This is very helpful! Thank you! ☺️
  10. I renewed my passport Jan 10. Hard to set an appointment for passport renewal! Also attended CFO last Dec while waiting. We gave to go back for the CFO sticker once we get our visa right?
  11. Will probably sched an interview sa feb pa. Planning to leave by April or May.
  12. It is indeed faster to do DCF than the fiance visa route. Me and my husband originally planned to go thru the fiance visa route too until we realized that it would take me much longer to get to the US since he would have to get a job first, etc and then file for the K1 petition. K1 petition usually takes about 5-6 months (if you're already living in the US) but DCF should only take about 3 months max. Oh, and I was pregnant too when we were planning all this fiance visa stuff. We decided not to do anything until I gave birth. He filed CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) for our daughter which gave her US citizenship. That's another process you may want to research about (In case she wants to give birth here in the Philippines).
  13. Btw, congratulations myrrh130 on the approval!
  14. Have not set it yet. Still waiting for my new passport to arrive. We were not really in a rush but it was still nice to get the approval right away. When's your interview?
  15. Hey guys, just an update. We also received our MNL case number yesterday afternoon. I did not email them so we were pleasantly surprised to get it that soon.