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    [size=1]-------------- K1 Timeline -------------- 2005: we met online 11-2005: started our relationship online 02-19-2006: Met Liliya in her home city Tashkent, Uzbekistan 03-03-2006: Proposed (day before I left) 04-12-2006: I-129F Sent to NSC 04-17-2006: I-129 NSC received (NOA1) 04-20-2006: Touched 06-01-2006: I-129F transfer from NSC to CSC 06-02-2006: I-129F CSC must have received I-129F's 06-03-2006: Touched (no idea why it was touched on a Saturday) 06-14-2006: Touched (can it be the USCIS is starting to move along) 06-15-2006: Touched 06-16-2006: Touched 06-17-2006: Touched 07-03-2006: Touched (RFE e-mail notice that it was sent, Received it, Sent it back) all in the same day 07-04-2006: Touched (worked on the 4th of July????) 07-05-2006: Touched (at 9:53am est, little early for CSC hmmmmm) 07-17-2006: Touched (and E-mail saying they have recieved my RFE) 07-18-2006: Touched 10-21-2006: Touched (hmmmm something wrong with how long it has taken them?) 10-23-2006: Touched (hmmmm maybe my calls once a week to congressmen and senators office helped?) 10-24-2006: Touched 10-25-2006: Touched at 9:30 est (kinda early for the CSC hmmm, I think they are messing with me now) 10-28-2006: Received Snail mail for NOA2 on 10-23-2006 (why didn't they update the web site) 11-02-2006: 5 emails saying I-129f was approved on 11-02-2006??? umm got paper mail on 28th 11-03-2006: and the waiting continues[/size] Joe [img]http://www.wild-pack.com/images/usa.gif[/img] and Liliya [img]http://www.wild-pack.com/images/uzbek.gif[/img]
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