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  1. Where are you reading this? I doubt anyone is getting deported over a driving ticket. And serious crimes? Well, in my book that is fair enough!
  2. Infopass is an option - if you are able to get one. Calling back is easier for sure - just insist on speaking to Tier 2. If the first rep won't transfer you (or more likely set up a call back), call back to get a different one.
  3. Do not expect USCIS to sort out your mistake - at the end of the day your immigration status in den US is dependent on the correct filing of the I-751. You do not want to jeopardize that be stuck in some kind of bureaucratic limbo. A tier 2 agent is an actual immigration officer. The phone support people you reach at what the forum lovingly calls "The USCIS mis-information line" have no access to the actual files and give only generic information which appears to be wrong about half the time.
  4. You'll want to follow up that. You don't want two pending applications with USCIS. Dealing with USCIS is a pain and you have not done yourself any favors by canceling the original check and sending yet another application... These kinds of scenarios can spiral into a bureaucratic nightmare very, very quickly. Call back and demand talking to a Tier 2 agent to sort this out.
  5. Same. I knew moving to the USA would mean a lot of sacrifices on my end; living in Germany is -in my opinion - better than the US. Nevertheless, it came down to who would have it easier to integrate in the other spouses country. And due to my education and language background, that job fell to me. Never expected the USA to be some kind of paradise - it isn't and thus I was not disappointed moving here.
  6. Why would you cancel the check? USCIS is super slow...it is pretty normal these days for them to take 1-2 months for the NOA-1. I would call them ASAP!
  7. The announcement was made two days ago. Uscis does not work that fast - probably be months until new letters are issued.
  8. The USCIS mis-information line. The letter itself states something else....
  9. https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/update-form-i-797-receipt-notices-form-i-751-and-form-i-829 The way I read this: - new filers will start getting 18 months extension letters from the get-go. - Currently pending filers will get new extension letters. Not sure what to think about this - on one hand it is good that USCIS tries to ease the burden of getting infopasses, stamps etc; on the other hand it clearly shows they are not focused on getting the I-751 processing time frames down to a reasonable level (which would be 6 months or less in my book). Will also be interesting how long it'll take for the wider community (CBP, airlines, state agencies etc) to clue about new 18 months extension letters...
  10. Good for getting the stamp, but FYI, the extension letter extends the GC for a year. So it cannot have a different expiration date than the card.
  11. Wow, 5 months passed already. How many more to go? 10? My case status hasn't budged; still says: We received your biometrics fee and will begin processing your case. Biometrics were back in February.
  12. No, no one from our cohort is anywhere close to an approval. VSC filers have another 7-8 months to go, CSC filers probably 12+ at current speeds.
  13. "Met while on vacation in country "xyz" Das war's.
  14. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/travel-legal-considerations/internl-judicial-asst/authentications-and-apostilles/Notarial-and-Authentication-Apostille.html Muesst ihr da benatragen, wo ihr geheiratet habt.
  15. In der Regel nein. Aber du brauchst eine Apostille auf der Urkunde. Je nach dem wo ihr geheiratet habt kann das ein bisschen dauern.