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  1. Those days were insane. I knew someone from VJ that had a 21-month wait in TSC for the K-1! At least this wait is tolerable!
  2. I heard there was a surge of over 500,000 cases received at the CSC related to DACA, which put that service center behind. When we filed for the K-1, the CSC approved the petition in just 18 days. That has to be some sort of record! At least the CSC was fast when we really needed it to be, so this waiting isn't nearly too bad. Bad news is that the other threads I have been keeping up with has been putting the VSC at an approval wait time of about 18 months now. I would think the cases where an abundance of still married evidence exists would be worked rather quickly. Everyone is already here, so is 18 months really necessary? Who knows? Maybe there will be a re-allocation of resources and the service centers will put so many workers on our ROC petitions in the fall and winter and crank out those GC's like crazy! It's good to see some of us starting to get the 18 month extension letter! That was, what, a month ago we saw that on the site? That gives us about another 10 or 11 months without needing to struggle with an InfoPass.
  3. For more context, the article that sounds scary is: https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/changes-to-federal-policies-pave-way-for-sudden-visa-denials-deportation/ And the actual policy is: I noticed the article didn’t mention that this policy is related to NTA’s. If anyone gets an NTA, it’s already bad news, now, you can just get deported faster if the petitioner has committed crimes or are suspected of fraud. The article seems poorly written to me because so many facts about the policy (which should be the topic) are missing. Why should we have to read the actual policy if there has been an article published on it to completely understand it? Anyways...
  4. I think you mean something like this: https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-updates-policy-guidance-certain-requests-evidence-and-notices-intent-deny Shouldn’t apply to you guys, but the procedure has changed when someone is at risk of deportation. I think you can only get a passport stamp if your NOA for ROC has one to two months left before expiring. You can try; this is just what I read from other people who have tried to get the stamp earlier. I don’t know when we should be getting our 18 month extension letters. Applying for citizenship may affect ROC. Hopefully you get an agent that knows they can approve both petitions. Some folks have an easy time, depending on what the rep knows. If you get a USC interview and the ROC isn’t complete, make sure you write a letter to request a combo interview.
  5. They are currently approving January 2017 petitions with some November 2016 petitions still in the works. If they keep up this rate, we will have GC in another year. Nothing to do but wait.
  6. We received the case transfer letter today and our case has been transferred to.......CSC. The letter came from the Potomac Service Center, just like the other VJer on this thread. To be honest, with the way the USCIS has been messing up data on Green Cards and EADs, lately, I don't have much faith that this letter is entirely accurate either. But maybe it is? Maybe the PSC was tasked with sending the transfer letters? Maybe the case was transferred to the PSC and the letter has wrong data. Or maybe, the case never moved from where it is. Whatever the situation might be, I don't expect to hear anything else about this case again for another 6 more months until we file the N-400.
  7. Give it four more months at least. Don’t think about it unless you get another notification.
  8. Amhara

    I-751 CSC Processing Time

    Aren't you eligible to apply for US citizenship while overseas on government orders and skip the whole ROC?
  9. No, no; we are just expecting two letters. I need to paruse some other month’s filing threads to see if anyone has gotten approved earlier than the typical timeframes.
  10. The Potomic Service Center? That's interesting. I think they are one of the newest ones, so hopefully that will speed up your case! I guess our case transfer was complete. Just received the updated notification. The USPS mail image email didn't come today, so now we are waiting to see what comes in the mail. We are expecting an updated NOA for the 18 months of extension and a case transfer letter. This is more action than I was expecting originally! I wonder if interviews are possible?
  11. The running theory is that that message was a three month long glitch and nothing substantial happened to our cases. It seems that a few VJ’ers were transferred to NSC and TSC, but it’s effectiveness has yet to be seen. Most people who are approved on the “case transferred” forum were mostly VSC who applied a year ago or CSC who applied 16-18 months ago, so no data there. I am now interested in seeing what service center ours was “transferred” to.
  12. What kind of craziness is that? To the California service center? Do you live in a state near CA?
  13. Ah! I must have stopped following this thread as it started degenerating into posts that were not on topic. I know some people received their notices, but I was really not expecting this as I know that a new NOA should be coming that reflects an 18 month waiting period. For us, we hope to have USC out of the way, so that may help us avoid an unnecessary InfoPass.
  14. Hello Everyone! I bet a lot of us will have received a "Case Transferred to Another Office" update message today! I am following a few cases around my husband's number and they were all updated today. Our message says they will send us a transfer notice. Better processing times, perhaps??
  15. Rec'd an update just now - Case Transferred to Another Office. Message says we will be receiving a transfer notice. Interesting!