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    Hotel Management, Conference Center Manager

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    1995 Jean and Natalia met ( we went to high school together) 1997 I moved to US to live with my Dad 1999 Summer, Jean and Natalia met again 2001 Summer, Jean and Natalia met again 2003 Summer 2005 We had enough of this:) 01.14.2006 Jean and Natalia got married 03.09.2006 I sent out I-130 overnight 03.28.2006 NOA I-130 - misspelled my last name 04.03.2006 I had to call to make sure they correct my name 6.9.2006 Touched 6.28.2006 Touched 6.29.2006 Touched 7.3.2006 I-130 forwarded to NVC ( 3 months 7 days)Approved in 113 days 7.06.2006 Touched email notice 7.10.2006 Touched ??? I thought they already sent it out!! NVC 07.11.06 assigned case number 07.24.06 DS 3032 and AOS Bill generated 07.25.06 DS-3032 via email 07.28.06 AOS Fee Bill paid and overnighted 07.29.06 NVC confirmed receiving DS 3032 via email 07.31.06 I-864 bill just now received in the mail with DS 3032 form 07.31.2006 IV Generated 08.05.2006 IV Bill Received by mail 08.11.2006 IV paid and sent overnight 08.26.2006 I-864 finally received 08.28.2006 I-864 mailed out 04.04.2006 Send out I-129 F to Chicago 04.05.2006 Chicago received and signed for it 04.10.2006 NOA for i-129 F 04.27.2006 I- 129 Touched 04.29.2006 I-130 Touched 06.05.2006 Change of address as I live in Miami now! Wow! 06.12.06 Touched Received a confirmation of address change. 07.01.2006 RFE is on the way 07.06.2006 RFE came back to USCIS - guess they sent it to my previous address. 07.08.2006 once again - changed my address, this petition just refuses to come along:) I guess it's for the best... 07.14.2006 Got the IMBRA RFE 07.17.2006 Sent Out IMBRA RFE 07.18.2006 Touched ( I guess they recieved RFE) 07.24.2006 Touched again 7.26.2006 Touched again 7.28.06 Touched again (they keep sending it to the old address) It is stuck
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