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    I was a student here.She was living here.One night i was with my friends at the hotel where we were living and she came there to visit her friends.We were at the same room and me and my friends asked if anybody wants to join us and drink some shots.She said why not and came to us.we were talikng and somehow we found out that she worked at the same apartment complex as me(i was a lifeguard there in the pool). So she said that she will come visit me some time.And she came.And now we are married. посвещается Пятигорску,любви и переписке(2004) 1 Мама Иветты: Никогда не поверю во всю эту чепуху,полнейший бред,моя дочка никогда и ни за что,если вы меня правильно понимаете,это всё люди придумывают,вы их слушайте больше!Они наговорят такого,а вы всё будете наивно моргать и кивать вслед;я не верю,что моя дочурка такая,я своему сердцу верю,а не пьяным бредням местных хулиганов или как их там.Вы думайте что хотите,говорите что хотите,но я останусь при своём,а всё остальное чушь и выдумка,все хотят сенсаций,интересных поворотов и непредсказуемых концовок,а я то знаю,сердце не врёт,так-то!

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  1. I’m going to Russia next month with my son, who is 2 years old. I have a dual citizenship. I’m getting him a visa and I was wondering if I need to send some kind of proof of my Russian citizenship for his visa application.
  2. Hello, I’m a Russian citizen who recently became a US citizen and going to Russia next month. I’m planning to use my Russian international passport for my travels. Am I suppose to provide any special paperwork stating that I’m an American citizen now with dual citizenship. Has anybody had any experience traveling to Russia after obtaining American citizenship. Thank you.